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The name game


Hidden in the grid is the name of a band. Answer the questions, then rearrange the letters correspond­ing to your answers to fill in the name.

BOX1: What is the official language of Costa Rica?

Spanish (U) Portuguese (O) English (A)

BOX2: Which Hollywood actress appeared in the BBC drama The Honourable Woman?

Jennifer Lawrence (S) Scarlett Johansson (H) Maggie Gyllenhaal (M) BOX3: The rugby league team Rhinos is linked to which area?

Bradford (Y) Wigan (O) Leeds (E)

BOX4: Where in the body would the pituitary gland be found?

Stomach (B) Skull (L) Back (C) BOX5: Which of the following is the capital city of Australia?

Sydney (F) Canberra (T) Melbourne (X) BOX6: What is the final book of the New Testament?

Galatians (P) Romans (W) Revelation (D)

BOX7: Whose 2014 autobiogra­phy is called Born to Manage?

Alan Sugar (K) David Beckham (H) Terry Venables (R) BOX8: Bakersfiel­d is a style of which music genre?

Metal (V) Country (N) Latin (G)

BOX9: Paul O’Grady (pictured) famously appeared as which loud-mouthed drag queen?

Betty Brutal (O) Sasha Fierce (Q) Lily Savage (I)

BOX10: What is the base ingredient of couscous?

Semolina (A) Aubergine (E) Breadcrumb­s (I)

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