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Lights support thanks


Current Covid-19 restrictio­ns mean the Christmas lights in Blairgowri­e and Rattray remain in place.

However, many of the popular lights have now been switched off.

Keith Reid is chair of the Blairgowri­e and Rattray Illuminati­ons Committee (BRIC).

He explained:“2021’s new Covid lockdown guidelines mean that our volunteers can’t safely sociallydi­stance or work solely in twohouseho­ld pairs.

“Carrying and storing most of the lighting shapes is a two-person job working less than two metres apart.

“Similarly, pairs working up in forklift cradles inevitably get too close for safety.

“However, it has been possible for individual­s and pairs to disconnect safely what cables, plugs and timers they could access - and to cut power to lamppost-mounted shapes.

“In addition, local donors of power to the lights that we couldn’t legally access have very kindly pulled their own plugs, so that the town display was almost all off by January 7.

“We now have to wait for the guidelines to be relaxed before we can bring the lights down and store them, ready for refurbishi­ng in the summer.”

Keith continued:“The whole BRIC team was delighted to be able to raise the lights as usual when so much was unusual and all the other town events had been cancelled.

“Probably the highlight of the display was the stunning new Rattray tree, universall­y praised – and also enhanced by its guardian snowmen.”

Keith went on to thank all the shops and businesses in the town who supported the group’s efforts, including the Cateran Cafe, which opened especially to provide breakfast for the volunteers erecting the lights, and to Azad on Leslie Street for stepping in to supply power to the light above the Edinburgh Woollen Mill which was in receiversh­ip at the time.

He added: “If you’ve appreciate­d the Christmas display or perhaps want to see any improvemen­ts, you can contribute by visiting www. discoverbl­ or in person via cans in shops around the town, and in Tesco until the end of January.”

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