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Sunday’s service was held at Rattray Hall.

Iain Craig welcomed those present and gave the notices.

He then led the church in the singing of ‘Come now is the time to worship’, ‘How great is our God,’ and ‘We will feast in the house of Zion’.

The singing was followed by a time of prayer.

Guest speaker, Hugh Miller of Grace Community Church in Dundee, read from Genesis ch 33 vv1-14.

The passage tells the story of Jacob meeting his brother Esau after many years apart.

There was a further time of prayer before the singing of ‘Restore, O Lord’.

Mr Miller began his message talking about the popularity of wrestling.

He drew attention to the fact the twins, Jacob and Esau, didn’t get along and wrestled with one another, even before being born. When Esau was born Jacob came closely behind grasping his heel.

Throughout their lives they fought one another. It ended up with Jacob being sent away because Esau wanted to kill him.

When Jacob came back into the land after a long time away he was concerned about meeting his brother.

And when he heard Esau was riding to meet him with 400 men he feared the worst.

However, when they met it wasn’t the ‘royal rumble’ that was expected.

Jacob, trusting in God, humbled himself before Esau, and Esau embraced him.

They both wept in a moment of reconcilia­tion, made possible by God’s

grace changing their hearts.

Mr Miller pointed to the greater story of reconcilia­tion: God reconcilin­g us to himself in Jesus Christ.

He also reminded those gathered of the privilege of the church to be given the message of reconcilia­tion by sharing the message of Jesus.

Following the sermon the church sang, ‘Thank You for the cross’. z

Pastor Derek Johnston then led the church in Communion.

The service closed with the saying of the grace together.

Services take place in Rattray Hall on Sundays and all are welcome to attend.

• See the website for more informatio­n in relation to church services and activities.


Music during morning worship at Blairgowri­e Parish Church by organist Martha Easton was Prelude - ‘Where’er you walk’ by George Frederick Handel and Postlude - ‘Shout for Joy’ by Dave Fellingham.

The Reverend Benjamin Abeledo extended a warm welcome to all and said that the day’s theme, ‘The Power of Words,’ was taken from Psalm 63.

The congregati­on were invited to join in the opening hymn, ‘Immortal, Invisible, God only Wise’.

Following prayer, the hymn ‘Make me a channel of your peace’ was sung.

Scripture readings from Psalm 52, God’s Judgement and Grace, and James ch 3 vv 1-12 were read by Jimmy Taylor and were separated by the hymn, ‘Come Down, O Love Divine’.

Commencing his sermon Mr Abeledo

referred to the scripture reading from James saying that no force can have as much power as that of the tongue.

He continued by saying that on September 12, 1938 the ears of the world were tuned to one man’s tongue when Adolf Hitler made a speech from Nuremberg thus costing millions of lives.

However, on the flip side in 1944 on D-Day General Dwight Eisenhour spoke words of encouragem­ent to thousands of young men surrounded by fire.

He used the power of words to bring war to an end.

From a Christian point of view the tongue can find faith and has encouraged believers in the Christian faith.

False prophets use the tongue for the wrong reasons.

James found amazing possibilit­ies for the tongue, calls those in authority to be teachers and tells people how they should use their tongues.

He calls on people to be examples of what they are taught and not to preach folly.

People will face judgement for any careless word spoken, and gossip, lies and slander show a lack of love.

Words should be used to comfort and strengthen. James gives people a goal and they need to be consistent.

People can profess their love for God on a Sunday but can be capable of gossip, slander, innuendos and flattery at other times.

People must use their tongues properly by speaking slowly and being surrounded by the word of God and embracing it.

They should never say anything about someone that they wouldn’t say to their face and they should make a point to build up other people.

Before speaking people should ask themselves the following: is it true, is it helpful and is it encouragin­g?

The service closed with the hymn, ‘Forth in the peace of Christ we go’ and the benedictio­n.

The church is currently seeking articles for inclusion in the next newsletter.

Submission­s should be sent to session clerk Clifford Cooke, before August 22.

For more informatio­n, call 07840 822153.

The Craft Group is taking a summer break, resuming in September.

Members of the Bible Study group are maintainin­g contact with each other through an email prayer letter.

Anyone wishing to join is asked to contact David Howat via david@

Anyone wishing to donate towards the church flowers is asked to put a contributi­on inside an envelope in the offering plate.

These will be passed on to Yvonne Taylor, who will purchase and arrange the flower display.

In order to update its audio-visual systems in the sanctuary and the halls, the church is launching a special financial appeal.

More details on how contributi­ons can be made will be available in the near future.

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Sunday services are from 11am at Blairgowri­e’s Wellmeadow Cafe.

• See www.riversidem­ethodist-church. for more informatio­n.


Sunday services start from 9.30am in St Catharine’s in Blairgowri­e, 11.15am in St Anne’s in Coupar Angus and 11.15am at St Ninian’s in Alyth.

• See for informatio­n on the churches.

 ?? ?? Readings Scripture readings at Blairgowri­e Parish Church on Sunday, August 7, were by Jimmy Taylor. Pic: David Phillips
Readings Scripture readings at Blairgowri­e Parish Church on Sunday, August 7, were by Jimmy Taylor. Pic: David Phillips
 ?? ?? Service Rev Benjamin Abeledo, pictured previously. Pic: David Phillips
Service Rev Benjamin Abeledo, pictured previously. Pic: David Phillips

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