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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Who wrote Diana: Her True Story?

A Philip MacDonald B Simon James C Michael Ross-Jones D Andrew Morton

2. What is the largest island in Canada by area?

A Ellesmere Island B Prince Edward Island C Baffin Island D Victoria Island

3. Which band (later evolving into New Order) produced just two albums?

A Joy Division B Level 42 C Crowded House D The Smiths

4. Who had a top ten hit single in 1970 with Ride A White Swan?

A Slade

B Earth, Wind & Fire

C T. Rex

D The Who

5. Which Greek tragic dramatist wrote Seven Against Thebes and Prometheus Bound?

A Aeschylus B Plato C Socrates D Homer

6. Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey and Margaret Avery were all Oscar-nominated for their roles in which 1985 film? A The Color Purple

B Ghost

C Out of Africa

D Cocoon

7. Which actress played Ma Larkin in the 1990s series The Darling Buds of May?

A Rachel Ferris

B Pam Ferris

C Jane Ferris

D Irene Ferris

8. Which soul star provided the voice for the man-eating plant in Little Shop of Horrors?

A Stevie Wonder

B Rufus Thomas

C Isaac Hayes

D Levi Stubbs

9. With which French philosophe­r and novelist was Simone de Beauvoir romantical­ly linked?

A Jean-Paul Gaultier

B Jean-Paul Sartre

C Piers Sartre

D Frank Lemarr 10. What was revolution­ary Che Guevara’s first name? A Ernesto

B Fidel

C Max

D Pedro

11. Who was the first tsar of Russia?

A Ivan the Terrible B Nicholas I C Alexander the Great D Michael I

12. What was the world’s tallest building before the completion of the World Trade Center?

A Empire State Building

B Sony Building

C Post Office Tower

D Sears Tower

13. Who starred as the magical nanny in Disney’s 1964 family film Mary Poppins?

A Angela Lansbury

B Annette Funicello

C Suzanne Pleshette

D Julie Andrews

14. What sort of creature is an eland?

A A fish

B A mollusc C A bear

D An antelope

15. Which king of England, Scotland and Ireland had Nell Gwyn as his mistress?

A Charles I

B James I

C Henry VII

D Charles II

 ?? ?? Whoopi Goldberg See Question 6.
Whoopi Goldberg See Question 6.

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