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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Which EastEnders character was played by Ross Kemp?

A Phil Mitchell

B Grant Mitchell

C David Wicks

D Robbie Jackson

2. Which Red Dwarf recruit played Holly Turner in TV’s Crime Traveller?

A Chloë Annett

B Rachel Squires

C Emily Robinson

D Jennifer Johnson

3. Which poet wrote Paradise Lost?

A Alfred, Lord Tennyson

B Percy Bysshe Shelley

C Ted Hughes

D John Milton

4. Who wrote the children’s stories Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Secret Garden?

A A.A. Milne

B Enid Blyton

C Frances Hodgson Burnett

D C.S. Lewis

5. How is the Italian city of Torino known in English?

A Milan

B Venice

C Rome

D Turin

6. Countdown’s Susie Dent was replaced by which television personalit­y when she had to miss a June episode due to Covid-19?

A Rob Rinder

B Carol Vorderman

C Richard Osman

D Alex Horne

7. Which American rockand-roll pianist had a hit with the song Blueberry Hill?

A Shakin’ Stevens

B Fats Domino

C Buddy Holly

D Moony George

8. What was the name of the raft Thor Heyerdahl used to sail from Peru in 1947?

A Kon-Tiki

B The Thor

C The Peruvian Pirate

D Riki-Tiki

9. Who was the companion of Don Quixote?

A Sancho Panza

B Pablo Panza

C José Panza

D Felipe Panza

10. What name is given to the 19th-century migration of Boer settlers to escape British rule in South Africa?

A The Incredible Journey

B The Thousand Mile Walk

C The Great Trek

D The Long March

11. Which big cat is also known as an ounce?

A Puma

B Snow leopard

C Cheetah

D Tiger

12. Which Beatle married Linda Eastman?

A John Lennon

B Paul McCartney

C Ringo Starr

D George Harrison

13. Which English novelist wrote Vanity Fair, Henry Esmond and Pendennis?

A George Eliot

B Thomas Hardy

C Mrs Gaskell

D William Makepeace Thackeray

14. Which famous fish market moved to the Isle of Dogs in 1982?

A Wicklow

B Waterford

C Arklow

D Billingsga­te

15. Bruce Lee died during the filming of which martial arts movie?

A Enter the Dragon

B Marlowe

C Game of Death

D Fist of Fury

 ?? ?? Susie Dent See Question 6.
Susie Dent See Question 6.

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