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Sunday’s service was held at Rattray Hall.

The guest speaker was Matty Blakeman, an elder and community pastor of Hillbank Church in Dundee.

Blairgowri­e Evangelica­l Church pastor Derek Johnston began the service reading Psalm 47, which was followed with the singing of ‘King of Kings.’

The congregati­on then prayed before singing ‘All My Days’.

Mr Blakeman then spoke to the young people about unfinished work.

The point he went on to make was that everyone is a work in progress but, as Philippian­s states, “...he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion”.

The congregati­on then sang ‘I Cast My Mind’ before a time of prayer was observed.

Daniel ch 7, vv 1-14, was then read. Speaking about the passage, Mr Blakeman began by saying the world is fragile.

He continued: “Often those who wield power don’t do so in the most noble ways. This has always been the way of the world.

“Powers and empires come and go. Yet, despite all this, our God reigns.

“Daniel lived in Babylon, the most powerful empire of it’s day.

“God gave him a dream where he saw four beasts coming out of the sea.

“These beasts referred to four different empires – Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome.

“These were great and terrifying powers but, towering above them as judge and ruler of all, was the Ancient of Days, God.

“In the vision he also saw one approach the Ancient of Days like the Son of Man.

“This figure was given authority, glory and power.

“In the New Testament, Jesus reveals He is the Son of Man who came to serve by giving his life for us on the Cross.

“Jesus rose again victorious. Those who

trust in Him share in his victory and will reign with Him.

“He is the one who gives us hope and peace in a troubled world.”

The service ended with the singing of ‘Praise, My Soul, the King Of Heaven’ and a closing prayer.

Sunday’s service is in Rattray Hall and all are welcome to attend.

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Rev Benjamin Abeledo extended a warm welcome to members of the congregati­on who attended morning worship at Blairgowri­e Parish Church on Sunday.

He then invited them to join in fellowship by singing the opening hymn, ‘Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation’.

Following prayer, the hymn ‘Father I Place Into Your Hands the Things That I Can’t Do’ was sung.

Jim Gibb read the scriptures from Psalm 63 and John ch 14, vv 1-14, which was followed by the hymn, ‘O God Our Help in Ages Past’.

The theme for the sermon was ‘Hope for troubled hearts.’

Mr Abeledo said: “Today, our news headlines are mortifying.

“We hear of war in Ukraine, worries about the economy, a rise in the denial of God and Christian indifferen­ce.

“It sounds as though evil has triumphed.

“Where does our hope come from? There are many questions in people’s minds and it’s no secret that being religious has gone out of fashion and faith is kept private.

“Hope is found in Jesus, who was born 2000 years ago – He is real and there’s no

question of ‘if ’ He existed.”

The minister continued: “In John ch 14, vv 6, we read: ‘I am the way, the truth and the life, no man goes to the father except by me.’

“We need to come to God through Him. This is the message of hope for today.

“Jesus told his disciples that He was going away, leaving them bewildered and perplexed.

“However, He said He would return and He comforted them.

“Martin Luther referred to John ch 14, vv 1-6, as the best comforting sermon that Jesus preached.

“Today we live with conflict and disappoint­ments, but God is available wherever we are.

“We can trust his promise and he doesn’t lie, he means what he says.

“Jesus told His disciples that He was going back to his father to prepare a place for them and that there were many rooms in His father’s house where there was enough room for everyone.

“He said there will be no more death and tears. Thomas asked Jesus: ‘How do we know the way?’ To which Jesus replied: ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’.”

The minister concluded with a story about Augustus Toplady, who wrote the hymn ‘Rock of Ages’ and who died at the age of 38.

An hour before he died he is reported to have said: “Oh what a life, who can fathom the joys of heaven, I know it cannot be long now until my Saviour comes for me.”

Then, bursting into tears, he is said to have used the words: “All is light, light, light.”

Mr Abeledo said that, in a world of turmoil and adversity, Christ is everything and people can trust Him as their Saviour.

The service concluded with the hymn ‘Rock of Ages’.

Music by organist Martha Easton included ‘God is a Spirit’ by W Sterndale

Bennet and ‘Marche Religieuse’ by Mozart.

The church is currently seeking articles for inclusion in the next newsletter.

Submission­s should be sent to session clerk Clifford Cooke, before August 22.

For more informatio­n, call 07840 822153.

The Craft Group is taking a summer break, resuming in September.

Members of the Bible Study group are maintainin­g contact with each other through an email prayer letter.

Anyone wishing to join is asked to contact David Howat via david@

Anyone wishing to donate towards the church flowers is asked to put a contributi­on inside an envelope in the offering plate.

These will be passed on to Yvonne Taylor, who will purchase and arrange the flower display.

In order to update its audio-visual systems in the sanctuary and the halls, the church is launching a special financial appeal.

More details on how contributi­ons can be made will be available in the near future.

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Sunday services are from 11am at Blairgowri­e’s Wellmeadow Cafe.

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Sunday services start from 9.30am in St Catharine’s in Blairgowri­e, 11.15am in St Anne’s in Coupar Angus and 11.15am at St Ninian’s in Alyth.

• See for informatio­n on the churches.

 ?? ?? Local history Blairgowri­e Parish Church session clerk Clifford Cooke is pictured with one of the items to be displayed in Blairgowri­e Parish Church during next month’s Open Doors weekend. Pics: David Phillips
Local history Blairgowri­e Parish Church session clerk Clifford Cooke is pictured with one of the items to be displayed in Blairgowri­e Parish Church during next month’s Open Doors weekend. Pics: David Phillips
 ?? ?? Service Jim Gibb gave the readings at Blairgowri­e Parish Church on Sunday
Service Jim Gibb gave the readings at Blairgowri­e Parish Church on Sunday

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