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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Who wrote The Time Machine and Kipps?

A C.S. Lewis B Isaac Asimov C H.G. Wells D Joseph Conrad

2. In the Bible, which city was the birthplace of Abraham?

A Ir

B Or

C Ur

D Ar

3. Which British band had a top ten hit single in 1986 with Happy Hour?

A R.E.M.

B The Housemarti­ns C The Smiths

D The Stone Roses

4. Which famous fictional detective was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?

A Inspector Morse B Inspector Hanaud C Sherlock Holmes

D Miss Marple

5. Which TV actor starred in Heartbeat, The Gaffer and Oh No, It’s Selwyn Froggitt?

A Bill Maynard

B Nick Berry

C Brian Hunt

D Colin Firth

6. Sharon Horgan and Anne-Marie Duff play two of a group of siblings in which new dark comedy series?

A Brothers & Sisters

B Bad Sisters

C This Is Us

D Sister, Sister

7. What name is given to the decay of timber caused by cellulose-digesting fungi such as Serpula lacrymans?

A Fungi rot

B Ridgicasio­n

C Mushroom disease

D Dry rot

8. The hit comedy Wayne’s World was a spin-off from which popular television series?

A Saturday Night Live

B The Cosby Show

C Cheers

D Happy Days

9. Of which country is the Kip the basic unit of currency?

A Laos B Cambodia C Thailand D Japan

10. What part of the body is affected by dermatitis?

A The eyes

B The skin

C The heart

D The lungs

11. Which line of fortificat­ions to protect the eastern frontier of France was outflanked by the German invasion of 1940?

A Champagne Line

B Ardennes Line

C Maginot Line

D Strasbourg Line

12. What name is given to the arch in a theatre through which the audience views a play?

A Promethean arch

B Players arch

C Puerto Rican arch D Proscenium arch

13. What name is given to any tree of the genus Fagus?

A Ash

B Beech

C Birch

D Poplar

14. Who popularise­d the term Iron Curtain?

A Margaret Thatcher B J.F. Kennedy C Winston Churchill D Dwight Eisenhower

15. Performing which theatrical role is often referred to as playing the Dane?

A Hamlet

B Oberon

C Othello

D Prospero

 ?? ?? Sharon Horgan See Question 6.
Sharon Horgan See Question 6.

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