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Tidying uptown


Volunteers with the most recent Blairgowri­e and Rattray Access Network work party returned to finish off the Craighall Loop and the upper path over the top.

Parking at the top car parking area, the group was split in two.

The first of the smaller groups started work down the path to where they finished on a previous visit at the Bailey Bridge.

They were busy hedge trimming, lopping and cutting back overgrown vegetation.

Meanwhile, after taking the car and trailer back up the farm track to Easter Mause, the second smaller group started on the upper path down towards the notorious grassy slope.

They were mowing, strimming, hedge trimming, and lopping, leaving the path looking good and hopefully giving it the last cut and trim of the year.

The work party featured Ian Richards, Keith Reid, Alasdair Shaw, Grahame Mustard, Helen Stanghon, Helen Caswell and Brian Campbell.

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