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Sunday’s worship began with the reading of Psalm 65 vv 1-4 and prayer.

Iain Craig then led the singing of ‘Here Is Love’, ‘Light Of The World’ and ‘How Deep The Father’s Love’.

After the notices a short film celebratin­g the life of the late Brother Andrew was shown.

Known as ‘God’s Smuggler,’ it described his work of risking his own life in the 1950s and ‘60s to smuggle Bibles into Communist countries to help to support the persecuted church.

His legacy is the ongoing work of Open Doors, the organisati­on he set up which continues to raise awareness of the persecuted church and support those who suffer for their faith around the world.

Following the film there was a time of prayer and then 1 John ch 5, vv 13-15, was read.

The congregati­on then learned a new hymn, titled ‘There Is One Gospel On Which I Stand’.

Pastor Derek Johnston then spoke about the passage from 1 John.

He said that Christians are to be confident and assured about their identity in Christ and the blessings that are in Him.

Mr Johnston continued: “Such confidence and assurance are not opposed to humility and should not be confused with conceit or arrogance.”

The pastor went on to explain that the passage teaches that the believer can be confident of eternal life through faith in Christ.

He said that such confidence is not founded upon one’s own religious work, but upon what God has promised people and has already done for them in Christ.

Mr Johnston told the congregati­on that the Christian can also be confident of having access to God on this side of eternity, and also be confident of having their prayers heard and answered by God if people pray in accordance with God’s will.

John ch 15, vv 7, states that Jesus says:

“If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.”

The service closed with the singing of ‘Amazing Grace (My Chains Fell Off )’ and the benedictio­n.

Sunday’s service is in Rattray Hall and all are welcome to attend.

• See the website for more informatio­n.


Members of the Blairgowri­e congregati­on of Jehovah’s Witnesses are among hundreds of volunteers taking part in a special campaign as Perth hosts the Royal National Mòd for the first time since 2004.

The 130 year-old celebratio­n of Gaelic language and culture, organised by An Comunn Gàidhealac­h, opened on Friday, October 14, and runs until October 22.

An estimated 6000 to 7000 Gaelic enthusiast­s have flocked to the Fair City to enjoy more than 200 competitio­ns held at several local venues.

During the eight days of Mòd Pheairt 2022, Gaeldom’s premiere musical and

cultural showcase, members of the Blair congregati­on, along with representa­tives from six other Kingdom Halls, will have a presence outside or near all of the Perth locations.

They will have literature carts, wellstocke­d with free Gaelic tracts and magazines, and there will also be a literature table inside Perth Concert Hall, the main festival hub.

The Witnesses’ official website – www. – can now be read in more than 1000 languages and Gaelic is one of these.

A variety of Bible literature is printed in Scotland’s native tongue, including the brochure ‘Enjoy Life FOREVER!’.

This was the focus of a successful campaign run locally last month to offer a free Bible study to every household.

In addition to that, there will be a special Bible-based talk, conducted in Gaelic, in Perth’s North Muirton Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses at 7pm on Tuesday, October 18.

The speaker will be Alasdair Macdougall, from Skye, and his discourse is entitled ‘Whose Leadership Can You Trust?’

An invitation has been extended to all Gaelic speakers, those learning the language, along with anyone interested, to attend the Kingdom Hall event.

Seven different congregati­ons of Jehovah’s Witnesses are taking part in the busy week of Mòd activities.

A spokespers­on said Jehovah’s Witnesses would like to thank everyone involved in organising this year’s event, including Mòd officer Seonag Anderson, for giving them the opportunit­y to exhibit inside the concert hall.


David Howat conducted morning worship at Blairgowri­e Church on Sunday and was assisted by organist Pauline Dolby, who played a medley of tunes for the prelude and postlude.

The service commenced with the hymn ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ and was followed by

prayers and the hymn ‘Thanks to God Whose Word Was Spoken’.

Ruth Brand read the scriptures from Luke ch 18, vv 1-8, and 2 Timothy ch 3, vv 10-4 and vv 5, after which the hymn ‘Look Upon Us Blessed Lord’ was sung.

Commencing his sermon, which was titled ‘Perseveran­ce’, Mr Howat referred to the scripture from Luke’s gospel, in which Jesus told a story to His disciples about a widow who constantly pleaded for her rights to a judge.

The judge was said to have ignored the scriptures, which repeatedly told people to care for others as he was only concerned for one person, namely himself.

The widow only wanted one thing, justice, and the judge gave in after eventually tiring of her repeated requests.

Mr Howat said that, when Jesus met the blind, the lame and the sick, he responded immediatel­y and the people were healed.

Mr Howat continued: “However sometimes when we ask things of God, we don’t get an immediate response because we are not asking for what we really need or for what is best for us.

“When God says ‘no’, it is for a reason. God’s ways are not our ways so we need to think carefully about what we want.”

Mr Howat then referred to the second reading, a letter from Paul to Timothy.

He said this was a letter of encouragem­ent, reminding him that he has known the scriptures since he was a child and reminding him what it means to be a Christian and that he must be prepared to suffer as a result because Christ’s ways are not the way of the world.

Mr Howat continued: “The fundamenta­l truths and understand­ings in this letter are so important today.

“We all have a duty to spread the Good News and must be prepared to speak up about our faith should the opportunit­y arise.

“Scripture can be misquoted – for example: ‘Money is the root of all evil.’ The actual quote is: ‘The love of money is the root of all evil’.

“It is important that we read and know the truths of scripture even though we don’t necessaril­y learn it by heart.”

The hymn ‘Lord, You Sometime Speak in Wonders’ was sung and was followed by prayers of dedication, thanksgivi­ng and supplicati­on.

The service concluded with the hymn ‘Your Hand, O God, Has Guided’ and the benedictio­n.

The Messy Church meets on November 6 from 9.30am in the church hall prior to communion at 11am in the church.

The Remembranc­e Sunday service is from 10.45am on November 13.

There are plans for a church sale on October 22, with proceeds going towards the refurbishm­ent of the audio-visual system.

The Social Club meets on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings in the hall for badminton and on Friday mornings for carpet bowls.

During Rev Benjamin Abeledo’s holiday leave, pastoral duties will be carried out by Rev Brian Dingwall.

Members of the Bible Study group are maintainin­g contact with each other through an email prayer letter.

Anyone wishing to join is asked to contact Mr Howat via david@thehowats. net.

• See the website www. blairgowri­eparishchu­ for more informatio­n.


Sunday services are from 11am at Blairgowri­e’s Wellmeadow Cafe.

• See www.riversidem­ethodist-church. for more informatio­n.


Sunday services start from 9.30am in St Catharine’s in Blairgowri­e, 11.15am in St Anne’s in Coupar Angus and 11.15am at St Ninian’s in Alyth.

• See for more informatio­n in relation to the churches.

 ?? ?? Tuneful Morning worship at Blairgowri­e Parish Church on Sunday was accompanie­d by music played by organist Pauline Dolby. Pics: David Phillips
Tuneful Morning worship at Blairgowri­e Parish Church on Sunday was accompanie­d by music played by organist Pauline Dolby. Pics: David Phillips
 ?? ?? Worship David Howat at Blairgowri­e Parish Church on Sunday
Worship David Howat at Blairgowri­e Parish Church on Sunday

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