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Residents appointed to community councils


A number of local residents have been announced as having been appointed to community councils in the area, with effect from November 3.

It follows elections taking place for community councils across the region, which are held every four years.

Sufficient nomination­s were received for vacant places in Alyth, Blairgowri­e and Rattray, Kettins, Meigle and Ardler and Mount Blair, meaning that no election was required in these areas.

In Alyth, 10 nomination­s for community councillor­s were received, out of 11 vacancies.

Those community councillor­s are Iain Donaldson, Peter Fairgrieve, Allan Fegen, Marina Ferguson, Alex Knight, Andrew McNee, Christine Pattillo, Mike Rizza, Grant Train, and Alex Warrington.

In Blairgowri­e and Rattray 11 nomination­s were received, leaving four vacancies on the group.

The community councillor­s for the largest town in Perth and Kinross have been named as David Cuthill, Robin Duncan, Susan Hart, Steve Johnson, Scott MacGregor, Pat Marshall, Lesley McDonald, Jamie Morrison, Gina Purrmann, Peter Richardson and Sam Stewart.

There were nine vacancies in Kettins and nine nomination­s were received.

The community councillor­s are Graham Bell, David Cox, Joyce Falconer, Mark Gow, Isobel Hynd, John Lyall, Russell Miller, John Smith, and Cornelia Weinmann.

In Meigle and Ardler, where there were 10 vacancies, 10 nomination­s were received.

These were from Kenneth Archer, Karen Barton, Edith Christie, Peter Menzies, Kenneth Mitchell, Ruth Mutch, Barrie Starck, Jacqueline Starck, Rae Taylor, and Tanja Waaser.

And in Mount Blair, six members were elected with one vacancy remaining.

The community councillor­s are Donald Cameron, Sandy Lindsay, Bernard Noonan, Graham Reid, Doug Rennie and Angie Souter.

Coupar Angus Community Council was disbanded in November 2020.

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