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Writersdel­ighted tobebackat­the BOOKMARKfe­st


This year’s BOOKMARK festival has been praised by writers and supporters as being another fantastic event.

Author Christophe­r Brookmyre, who first appeared at the event in 2017, said:“What a pleasure to be invited back.

“It is great to be at a well-organised festival that delivers audiences.

“I never take it for granted that I will be invited or that I will be invited back, so it is great to be here again.”

Lin Anderson has also previously attended BOOKMARK.

She said:“It’s great to be back at such a welcoming and well-organised festival. It’s just wonderful – it’s like coming home.”

Musician Gary West, who performed his short play ‘Jock’s Jocks’with Charlie West and Scott Gardiner, was also back at BOOKMARK for a second time.

He said:“It is always a pleasure to perform‘Jock’s Jocks’, which is based on a collection of testimonie­s of First World War veterans recorded over 50 years ago by folk singer Jock Duncan, some of whose family came along to BOOKMARK.”

And the Nethergate Writers – one of the area’s premier writing groups – also enjoyed the weekend.

Five members of the group, which has been in existence for 15 years, attended the festival and reported that there had been a lot of interest from people keen to join their ranks.

And three anthologie­s of stories written by members of the group sold out in the first day of the festival.

Kate Davies from Blairgowri­e’s independen­t bookshop Adventure into Books also had a busy weekend.

She told the Blairie:“We were thrilled to support BOOKMARK as their official festival bookshop.

“BOOKMARK puts on such a good show, and works all-year round to promote writing, reading and everything in between – all things close to our heart, and a privilege to support.

“On behalf of all the team at Adventure into Books I would like to say a big, big thank you to BOOKMARK for giving us this opportunit­y.”

BOOKMARK is keen to hear from anyone who like to be involved in festival as a volunteer in future.

For further informatio­n email secretary@ bookmarkbl­

 ?? ?? Love of literature Ralph Baillie and Kate Davies from Adventure into Books
Love of literature Ralph Baillie and Kate Davies from Adventure into Books

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