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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Which Asian kingdom was formerly known as Siam?

A China

B Thailand

C Mongolia

D Vietnam

2. What sort of creature is a guillemot?

A A moth

B A bird

C A monkey

D A butterfly

3. How many US states have names that begin with the letter M?

A Eight B Nine C Seven D Ten

4. In which country were the 1998 Winter Olympic Games held?

A Japan

B Norway

C Sweden

D France

5. Who wrote Love and Mr Lewisham?

A Isaac Asimov B George Orwell C Arthur C. Clarke D H.G. Wells

6. Which new film set in the west of Ireland stars Brendan Gleeson as Colm, who suddenly puts an end to his lifelong friendship with Colin Farrell?

A The Pixies of Innisfree

B The Pookas of Inishbeg

C The Banshees of Inisherin

D The Leprechaun­s of Inishmore

7. What name was given to the guerrilla force led by Brigadier General Orde Wingate in Burma (now Myanmar)?

A Findits

B Pundits

C Chindits

D Trinidits

8. Who won the 400m hurdles at the 1976 and 1984 Olympics, but missed the 1980 games because of the US boycott?

A Fred Aaron

B Edward Lyle

C Richard Black

D Ed Moses

9. Which rock band released an album entitled Vanishing Point?

A Primal Scream B Reef

C Korn D Terrorvisi­on

10. Which Darling Buds of May star played district nurse Peggy in ITV’s Where the Heart Is?

A Pam Feroe

B Pam Fields

C Pam Ferris

D Pam Falstaff

11. In which London park is Rotten Row?

A Hamstead Heath B Hyde Park

C Regent’s Park D Wimbledon Common

12. Who wrote Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea? A C.S. Lewis

B Arthur Conan Doyle

C Robert Louis Stevenson

D Jules Verne

13. Which Porridge character was played by Richard Beckinsale?

A Lennie Godber

B Lennie Smith

C Lennie Molere

D Lennie Tissot

14. Which British novelist and ‘angry young man’ wrote Hurry on Down and The Contenders? A John Grisham

B Iain Banks

C John Wain

D Tim Lott

15. What is the orbital period of Halley’s Comet?

A 90 years B 24 years C 76 years D 140 years

 ?? ?? Brendan Gleeson See Question 6.
Brendan Gleeson See Question 6.

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