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Ground for wildlife as they cause stomach upsets in hedgehogs. Energyfirm­s‘getting desperate’overmeters


Dear Editor

As Hallowe’en has passed and November 5 approaches, please do not put pumpkins on the

Hanging them from branches allows birds and squirrels to enjoy them safely.

On the day of lighting please also check bonfires for hedgehogs using a long brush and torch. Help keep these little endangered guys safe.

Moira Grant, by email

Dear Editor

I have just received a postcard from my energy supplier OVO saying:“Your new smart meter is ready and waiting for you”.

This is brainwashi­ng since I did not inquire about smart meters and have no intention of fitting one.

All the energy companies are doing the same and they are getting desperate since the government is penalising them millions of pounds for not doing enough to get customers to accept smart meters.

Clark Cross, by email

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