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Sunday’s service began with the reading of Psalm 18, vv 1-6, and the singing of ‘All People That On Earth Do Dwell’.

After the opening prayer pastor Derek Johnston spoke to the children about what Jesus meant when He said: “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

It was noted that this is a metaphor that helps people to understand who Jesus is as light takes away darkness, shows reality and brings comfort.

‘Praise To The Lord The Almighty The King Of Creation’ was then sung before Ephesians ch 6, vv 10-18 was read and a time of prayer then followed.

Mr Johnston then spoke on verse 10 of the Ephesians passage.

It states: “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power”.

Mr Johnston began by describing how jellyfish have no backbone.

He said: “In the water they have shape and form and are things of beauty possessing great colours. They glide through the water as they are carried along on the tides.

“But on the sand, they remain a flat, useless blob drying in the sun. They can’t do anything about it because they’ve got no backbone.”

He continued: “Thankfully we’re not jellyfish. But sometimes we can behave like them and be people without backbone. We can be people without courage who don’t stand for anything but are carried along by every prevailing tide of opinion.

“Yet Biblical Christiani­ty is a Christiani­ty with backbone. The Lord wants his people to be strong in the faith, standing on the truths of the Gospel and committed to following Christ. Even in a world which largely rejects him.

“This is often a struggle and tiring.

“However, the strength we need comes from his Holy Spirit living within us. Our duty is simply to keep the faith and keep going.”

The service closed with the singing of ‘The Lord’s My Shepherd’ and the benedictio­n.

Sunday’s service is in Rattray Hall and all are welcome to attend.

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David Howat conducted morning worship at Blairgowri­e Parish Church on Sunday.

Following his welcome, the hymn ‘God Whose Almighty Word’ was sung.

After prayers, Mr Howat spoke to the children, saying that the service would focus on change and what people mean by change.

Mr Howat continued by saying there are two things that people may wish to change: something old that they want to change and something new that they want to change to.

He said in the next few years people will be facing changes and people should pray to God to help them through these changes.

Between the hymns ‘Lord Teach Me How to Pray’ and ‘How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds’, Jim Gibb read the scriptures from Habakkuk ch 1, vv 1-13, ch 2, vv 1-4 and Luke ch 19, vv 1-10.

Mr Howat titled his sermon ‘A Fresh Start’.

It was based on the Prophet Habakkuk, who only appears in the Bible in the book that bears his name in the Old Testament.

Mr Howat explained that prophets were not fortune tellers but forth tellers, who acted an intermedia­ry between God and man.

The congregati­on was told that during Habakkuk’s early life the boy king Josiah had introduced wonderful spiritual reforms.

However, when Josiah died, Mr Howat said that Judah reverted to ungodly ways.

Habakkuk’s prayers for change seemed to go unnoticed so he complained to God.

Mr Howat said that God answered by saying that he was going to use the godless military might of Babylon to bring judgement upon the people, something which shocked Habakkuk.

Mr Howat continued: “One of our problems is that we want God to look at things through our eyes rather than us looking at things through God’s eyes.

“God saw the need for a fresh start. There was a fresh start when Noah built the ark, also when Moses led God’s people out of Egypt.

“This was to be another fresh start. Habukkuk would not believe what was about to happen. His focus was too narrow and he did not recognise that sometimes God used strange ways to correct his people and his Church.”

Mr Howat then went on to speak about Zacchaeus, a tax collector who had heard of Jesus and wanted to see Him.

Because he was not very tall, he climbed a sycamore tree in order to view Jesus and, by doing this, made it easier for him to be seen.

Mr Howat said that Jesus knew about Zacchaeus and when He saw him invited Himself to Zacchaeus’s house.

Zacchaeus responded to the call of Jesus and recognised how empty his life was and that there was a need for change. He said he would give money to the poor and pay back four times the amount to people he had cheated.

Mr Howat added: “Jesus showed him the way to salvation. If Zacchaeus could change then there is hope for anyone.

“Jesus calls each one of us as individual­s to serve Him.

“The name Zacchaeus means pure or righteous and certainly following his encounter with Jesus he had changed and now his character fitted his name.”

The hymn, ‘Lord, Speak to Me, That I May Speak’ was followed by the uplifting of the offering and prayers of thanksgivi­ng and intercessi­on.

The service concluded with the hymn ‘Dear Lord and Father of Mankind’. Music was by organist Fiona Bain. There will be a service of Holy Communion on Sunday this week and a Messy Church activity session, the latter of which begins in the Upper Hall from 9.30am.

The Remembranc­e Service on November 13 starts at 10.45am.

It will be followed by a soup lunch, with proceeds to be donated to Poppyscotl­and.

The Social Club meets on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings in the hall for badminton and on Friday mornings for carpet bowls.

Members of the Bible Study group are maintainin­g contact with each other through an email prayer letter.

Anyone wishing to join is asked to contact Mr Howat via david@thehowats. net.

• See www.blairgowri­eparishchu­rch. for more informatio­n.


On Wednesday, November 2, All Souls will be celebrated at St Catharine’s in Blairgowri­e from 10.30am, during which the congregati­on will remember those who have died.

From November 6, Sunday services will revert to their normal times.

Services start from 9.30am at St Catharine’s in Blairgowri­e, 11.15am at St Anne’s in Coupar Angus and 11.15am at St Ninian’s in Alyth.

• See for more informatio­n in relation to the churches.

 ?? ?? Sunday service At Blairgowri­e Parish Church on Sunday Fiona Bain was organist and David Howat conducted the service. Pics: David Phillips
Sunday service At Blairgowri­e Parish Church on Sunday Fiona Bain was organist and David Howat conducted the service. Pics: David Phillips
 ?? ?? Music The sound system was operated by Kathryn and Brian Webster
Music The sound system was operated by Kathryn and Brian Webster

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