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General Knowledge Quiz


1. What sort of creature is a treehopper?

A A squirrel

B A bird

C A monkey

D An insect

2. Which chemical element, symbol Lr, is named after the winner of the 1939 Nobel prize in physics?

A Lawcium

B Littlium

C Lawrencium

D Lorium

3. Which Frankish ruling dynasty was founded by Pepin the Short?

A Plantagene­ts B Goths C Visigoths D Carolingia­ns

4. With which sport was Henry Cooper associated?

A Golf

B Motor racing C American football D Boxing

5. What is the removal of salt from brine to produce fresh water called?

A Purificati­on B Debrinatio­n C Desalinati­on D Freshifica­tion

6. Cheryl Ladd and Selma Blair are among the competitor­s in the latest series of which US TV talent show?

A Dance Moms

B Dancing with the Stars

C So You Think You Can Dance D America’s Got Talent

7. Who was Harold II’s brother who fought against him at the Battle of Stamford Bridge?

A Josstick

B Rostog

C Tostig

D Ristog

8. What name is given to a celestial phenomenon that has undergone such total gravitatio­nal collapse that no light can escape from it?

A Dark matter

B Dark abyss

C Black space

D Black hole

9. What does the name of the disease influenza literally mean?

A Influence

B Flu enzyme C Cold influx D Fast spreading 10. What is the brightest star in the constellat­ion Carina?

A Arcturus

B Canopus

C Marina

D Peroni

11. Which band had a 1963 top ten hit with You Were Made For Me?

A Freddie and the Dreamers B Herman’s Hermits

C The Beatles

D The Shadows

12. Who wrote the cantata Carmina Burana?

A Carl Orff

B Georges Bizet

C Wolfgang Mozart D Richard Wagner

13. What name is given to the financial crisis in England in 1720 that revealed corruption among ministers?

A North Sea Bubble

B Irish Sea Bubble

C Atlantic Ocean Bubble D South Sea Bubble

14. Which New Zealand detective fiction writer created Roderick Alleyn of Scotland Yard?

A Dame Ngaio Roberts B Dame Ngaio Marsh C Dame Ngaio Maoro D Dame Ngaio Paou

15. Who was the last British prime minister to sit in the House of Lords?

A Gladstone B Salisbury C Rosebery D Balfour

 ?? ?? Selma Blair See Question 6.
Selma Blair See Question 6.

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