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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Which actor played Captain Mainwaring in Dad’s Army?

A Ian Lavender

B Clive Dunn

C John Le Mesurier

D Arthur Lowe

2. In what year was Bob Geldof given an honorary knighthood? A 1976

B 1996

C 2000

D 1986

3. The Ringgit is the national currency of which country?

A China

B Malaysia

C Japan

D Thailand

4. What is gynophobia?

A Fear of heights B Fear of women C Fear of dogs D Fear of men

5. Which 7th-century BC Athenian lawgiver was famous for his severe code of laws?

A Draco

B Taco

C Paco

D Craco

6. Oscar Kennedy and Thaddea Graham are among the stars of which new BBC Three comedy-horror series set aboard a cruise liner?

A Death on the Tyne

B Wreck

C Buffet of Fortune D Overboard

7. Which German composer wrote A German Requiem and the Alto Rhapsody?

A Strauss

B Beethoven

C Brahms

D Wagner

8. In what country was the mountainee­r Sir Edmund Hillary born? A England

B Australia

C New Zealand D Scotland

9. Which rugby union team defeated Sale 9-3 to win the 1997 Pilkington Cup Final? A Gloucester

B Moseley

C Leicester

D Bedford

10. Which historical event of 1666 is commemorat­ed by the Monument?

A The Great Fire of London

B The Great Plague

C The Gunpowder Plot

D The Restoratio­n of the monarchy

11. With which instrument is Fritz Kreisler associated?

A Piano

B Violin

C Cello

D Guitar

12. Who won the 1996 men’s singles title at Wimbledon?

A Tim Henman

B Pete Sampras

C Boris Becker

D Richard Krajicek

13. What was the name of the village in which Noel’s House Party took place?

A Wrinkley Bottom B Crinkley Bottom

C Blobby Bottom

D Wobbly Bottom

14. In which city is the Kelvingrov­e Art Gallery?

A Edinburgh B Dundee C Glasgow D Aberdeen

15. Which French-born British author wrote Cautionary Tales for Children?

A Jean Racine

B Hilaire Belloc

C Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian D Eugene Brieux

 ?? ?? Thaddea Graham See Question 6.
Thaddea Graham See Question 6.

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