I've heard about Tri-spine ar­rows, what's spe­cial about them and how will they ben­e­fit me?

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Tri-spine ar­rows, such as the Max­ima line from Car­bon Ex­press are the lat­est in­no­va­tions in arrow tech­nol­ogy and ad­dress a few of the ma­jor dif­fi­cul­ties an arrow has to endure. As the name sug­gests, a Tri-spine arrow is made up of three dif­fer­ent spines. The place­ment of the spine sec­tions are dif­fer­ent in the re­curve and com­pound vari­ants. Com­pound ar­rows con­sist of a weaker mid­dle sec­tion and stiffer front and rear sec­tions. The main pur­pose of this con­struc­tion method is to ma­nip­u­late the ar­rows flight, es­pe­cially when ex­it­ing the bow. The quicker the arrow can set­tle down into sta­ble flight the bet­ter the out­come. The strate­gic place­ment of the var­i­ous spine zones al­lows the arrow to flex where needed for a clean exit but not be too tail happy. The

flex in the tail of an arrow has al­ways been an is­sue for com­pounders more than re­curve shoot­ers. This is down to the fact that the forces are far greater and more direct into the arrow from a me­chan­i­cal re­lease aid than off the fingers, not to men­tion the bows are more pow­er­ful and snappy.

The Tri-spine re­curve ar­rows are stiffer in the mid­dle than the front and rear sec­tions to tame the para­dox, whilst max­imis­ing fletch­ing clear­ance around the rest and pres­sure but­ton. An­other arena where this new tech­nol­ogy re­ally comes into play is indoor shoot­ing. The dif­fi­culty when shoot­ing in­doors is that there is very lit­tle time from the point of re­lease to the arrow hit­ting the tar­get. There re­ally isn't time for the arrow to get set­tled. Archers and fletch­ers alike go to great lengths to slow the ar­rows down with feath­ers and heavy points etc. to max­imise quick steer­ing and sta­bil­ity. These new ar­rows are a mas­sive step to­wards ad­dress­ing the indoor & re­curve re­lated is­sues and I'm sure that they will quickly gain favour with shoot­ers who de­sire ded­i­cated re­curve ar­rows. The­o­rec­ti­cally, these ar­rows should be very easy to tune as long as you have se­lected the cor­rect spine. The Tri-spine or RZ se­ries of ar­rows are full car­bon ar­rows. As usual, be­fore pur­chas­ing any of the out­door vari­ants it's worth check­ing with your club to see if they have any poli­cies that pro­hibit the use of full car­bon ar­rows. This is es­pe­cially com­mon if shoot­ing is con­ducted on a shared-use field.

Car­bon Ex­press Max­ima Tri-spine ar­rows

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