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Most elite archers keep some kind of train­ing notes, and the Korean na­tional re­curve team are no ex­cep­tion. Cur­rent world num­ber one and world record holder Kang Chae Young is noted for care­fully doc­u­ment­ing ev­ery ar­row shot in com­pe­ti­tion, and at in­ter­na­tional level, the coaches keep even more ex­ten­sive notes on their charges.

The documentar­y about the na­tional team Game Of Num­bers, re­leased in 2016, in­cluded an over-the-shoul­der shot of Ki Bo Bae's train­ing notebook, writ­ten in Han­gul. The page she was look­ing at sum­marised men­tal coach­ing. Trans­lated, it reads this:

1. Pri­ori­tise shoot­ing bows (Al­ways pri­ori­tise shoot­ing bows over other thoughts)

2. Be­lieve in pos­ture tech­niques (trust my senses)

3. Pos­i­tiv­ity (Al­ways think “I’m good at this” and “I can do this”)

4. Mak­ing a mis­take con­trib­utes to my im­age, so a pos­i­tive rou­tine is a must (Al­ways think about the fo­cus point)

5. Re­sults de­pend on my ef­forts!

6. When the wind blows, aim for no more or less than 9 points

7. As long as I fol­low my usual rou­tine, ev­ery­thing will turn out as planned! 8. Ev­ery­thing will be okay if I do my rou­tine 9. Pic­ture the way I shoot whilst per­form­ing im­age train­ing (Never lose trust!)

On a sim­i­lar tack, a few years ago Korean in­ter­na­tional and Olympic team gold medal­list Choi Misun was spot­ted with a lam­i­nated card at­tached to her quiver. Trans­lated, this is ex­actly what it said: 1. Hold the left grip 2. Aim ac­cu­rately 3. Main­tain the bow arm un­til the end when shoot­ing 4. Have trust and shoot con­fi­dently This is most no­table for its sim­plic­ity. It is pos­si­ble that it has lost a nu­ance or two in trans­la­tion, or that each of the lines is sum­maris­ing some­thing more com­pli­cated in­volv­ing many hun­dreds of hours of elite coach­ing work, but it per­forms the job it needs to, mak­ing sure that Choi Misun trusts in her process and ex­e­cu­tion rather than wor­ry­ing about the re­sult.

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