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Easton has announced a new shaft in their traditiona­l line of arrows. The Carbon Legacy comes complete with three 4” left wing helical feathers, including a traditiona­l barred index feather with combinatio­ns of solid red, white, and bright yellow hen feathers. “We really wanted to make the Carbon Legacy something special,” stated Gary Cornum, Easton Marketing Director.

“We went back into our archives and found some of Doug Easton's 1920’s arrows and borrowed ideas from his original wood shafts to inspire the look we were going for.”

Legacy is available in 340, 400, 500, 600, and 700 spines, and includes RPS inserts and 6.5mm 3D Super Nocks.

The US price is expected to be around $70 for a 6-pack, feather-fletched.

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