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With the wrapping of the World Cup Final in Yankton, one of the more intense internatio­nal outdoor archery seasons in living memory draws to a close. The fact that it all went ahead is important; regardless of whether you take an interest in the internatio­nal side of things, it is a key part of the engine that drives the sport on all levels, from inspiring juniors to manufactur­er confidence. Without archery at the Olympics, which distribute­s working capital to governing bodies and national Olympic committees, and brings central government funding from all over the world, the sport we do would be hugely diminished. And just a few months ago, no one was quite sure if it was going to happen or not.

In this issue of your soaraway Bow, we cover the senior Worlds, plus a special interview with 17-year-old Casey Kaufhold, who finished the season with a remarkable world silver medal. Also from the USA, we have quite the tale from Boo Mcafee, creator of the Johnny Cashhonour­ing Ring Of Fire mahogany bow. We also review the amazing tabs from Fairweathe­r

Archery in Australia, and Hugh Soar takes a look at the history of archery magazines in a feature that was supposed to appear in our 150th anniversar­y issue, but we ran out of room.

And, of course, it’s the time of year for a seasonal Gift Guide. It can be the Christmas Gift Guide if you want, it’s just this issue is coming out before the beginning of November, which I think is a fraction too early for a ‘Christmas Gift Guide’. Regardless, I suspect a lot of you will be looking forward to the holidays this year, after a couple of years of chaos. Hope you find something you need. Or just like.

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