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There’s been a few columns here in the past couple of years involving glum prediction­s about the present or the future. I wish there hadn’t been, but that’s the way the world apparently works now. It’s looking like 2022 might match 2020 or 2021 for unsettling, stressful times that never seem to completely resolve themselves – but there we are. Anyway, this is an archery magazine, so I certainly did my best not to pack the past couple of years with Covid-related content, because I thought you all probably had far too much of that for comfort already, and you didn’t need more of it dropping through your door. The pandemic did a good enough job wrapping itself around everything in various unpleasant ways anyway.

In this issue, we have a bunch of awesome articles, including an impassione­d plea from Naomi Folkard about how to parent archery children. Roy Rose starts a series of articles for beginners, which will eventually turn into something very interestin­g online (watch this space), Andrew Smith explains how you can fix errors, Lucy O’sullivan shows just how important squats are, Mimi Landström listens to the best archery podcasts and gives us her verdict, Kristina Dolgilevic­a finds out about the fascinatin­g world of ski archery and James Park adds another extraordin­ary chapter to Bow’s library of technical knowledge, showing you how to model arrow behaviour with software – if you have the chops and the maths, you could really get yourself an edge. Plus we have a full report from Dubai, where the World Para Championsh­ips wrapped up, a grand global coming together in a world that occasional­ly seems like it’s falling apart.

See you on the shooting line.

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