Great re­sults for the Eng­land and Ireland teams at the Euro­pean Ju­nior cham­pi­onships in Rus­sia

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IN the first Euro­pean Ju­nior cham­pi­onships com­bin­ing male and fe­male cat­e­gories, the Eng­land team en­joyed tremen­dous suc­cess, fin­ish­ing sec­ond on the medal ta­ble af­ter Rus­sia. The Eng­land Ju­niors se­cured four gold, three sil­ver and five bronze medals.

Court­ney Scott was voted the best fe­male boxer, af­ter four bouts in the tour­na­ment in Anapa, Rus­sia. On Oc­to­ber 16 in the 52kgs fi­nal she beat the host na­tion’s Diana Er­makova, putting in good work in the first and third rounds to take a unan­i­mous de­ci­sion win in Rus­sia.

Lightweight Adam Azim also came through to win gold. A warn­ing in the last round didn’t up­set him. With ef­fi­cient shot se­lec­tion he still man­aged to win a unan­i­mous de­ci­sion over Ge­or­gia’s Giorgi Gegetchkori.

Alex Brown beat Gamze Soguksu in the 46kgs fi­nal, unan­i­mously outscor­ing the Turk. An im­pres­sive first round put her in the as­cen­dancy and land­ing qual­ity com­bi­na­tions main­tained her lead.

At 80kgs Eng­land’s Emily Asquith dis­played her power in the fi­nal, hand­ing Poland’s Mar­tyna Jancelewicz a stand­ing count, con­trol­ling the pace and win­ning a unan­i­mous points ver­dict.

Ireland came third in the medal ta­ble in Rus­sia. Their El­lie Maigart­land and Lau­ren Dempsey both won gold medals, beat­ing Ro­ma­nia’s Maria Ghe­o­rghe and Rus­sia’s Aza­lia Amineva re­spec­tively in the 54kgs and 57kgs fi­nals on a unan­i­mous and split de­ci­sion. “It means ev­ery­thing to me, it’s a dream come true. I have been train­ing so hard the past year for this mo­ment,” Gart­land said.

“To be hon­est to­day was the best day of my life. I worked so hard to get where I am to­day and I can’t be­lieve it. I have never be­lieved in my­self un­til to­day,” said Dempsey. “I’m so grate­ful for it and I just can’t be­lieve it, all the hard work that my train­ers put into me men­tally and phys­i­cally, I just can’t be­lieve it.

“I had three very hard com­pe­ti­tions and to­day was the hard­est as she was home girl, but I just dug deep. I re­ally wanted it, so I went for it.” RE­SULTS

Male: 46: Jack Dry­den (Eng­land) outpd Vic­tor Ser­bov (Moldova) unan, Mike Donoghue (Ireland) outpd Erik Er­vandyan (Ar­me­nia) unan, Ioan­nis Ev­mor­fi­adis (Greece) outpd James Sweeney (Scot­land) split, Donoghue outpd Dry­den split, Mikhail Grig­o­ryan (Rus­sia) outpd Donoghue unan. 48: Joe Mc­grail (Eng­land) outpd Si­monas Liesinas (Lithua­nia) unan, Ekrem Hanusa (Ser­bia) outpd Bran­don Scott (Wales) unan, Mi­hail Taranu (Moldova) outpd Colin Cair­ney (Scot­land) unan, Michael Maughan (Ireland) outpd Mark Rozsavol­gyi (Hun­gary) unan, Mc­grail outpd Euse­biu Tir­zoman (Ro­ma­nia) split, Taranu outpd Maughan split, Mc­grail outpd En­rico Kli­esch (Ger­many) unan, Ali Za­manov (Azer­bai­jan) outpd Mc­grail split. 50: Char­lie Hick­ford (Eng­land) outpd Alexandr Karevskiy (Be­larus) unan, Sean O’brien (Ireland) stpd Martin Balogh (Hun­gary) 2nd, Hick­ford outpd Daniel Ste­fanov (Bul­garia) split, Michele Bal­dassi (Italy) outpd O’brien split, Bal­dassi outpd Hick­ford unan. 52: Billy Adams (Eng­land) outpd Giorgi Sa­jaia (Ge­or­gia) split, Jon Mccon­nell (Ireland) outpd Matvejs Proku­di­nis (Latvia) split, David Quinn (Scot­land) outpd Eles Asanov (Mace­do­nia) unan, Adams outpd Davit Ego­ryan (Ar­me­nia) unan, Jon Mccon­nell (Ireland) outpd Ev­geniy Zhorov (Rus­sia) split, Quinn outpd Muham­met

Sa­cli (Turkey) split, Mccon­nell outpd Adams unan, Yasen Radev (Bul­garia) outpd Quinn unan, Semiz Ali­cic (Ser­bia) outpd Mccon­nell split. 54: El­lis Price (Eng­land) outpd Vi­talie Prisacaru (Moldova) unan, Zsolt Zuro (Hun­gary) outpd Pa­trick Sweeney (Ireland) unan, Ger­ard Mc­tag­gart (Scot­land) stpd An­to­nio Sto­janovic (Croa­tia) 3rd, Price outpd Ste­fan Camovic (Ser­bia) unan, Adrian Florin Preda (Ro­ma­nia) outpd Mc­tag­gart split, Price outpd Alexander Fredriks­son (Swe­den) unan, Khun­kerkhan Tyuleme­shev (Rus­sia) outpd Price split. 57: Ju­naid Bos­ton (Eng­land) outpd Ben­deguz Sziget­vari (Hun­gary) unan, Scott Jones (Wales) stpd Oli­wier Zamo­jski (Poland) 2nd, Barry O’con­nor (Ireland) outpd An­tun Lo­vakovic (Croa­tia) unan, Mak­sim Shu­mov (Rus­sia) outpd Bos­ton split, O’con­nor outpd outpd Jones O’con­nor split, unan. Mak­sim 60: Giorgi Shu­mov Gegechkori (Rus­sia) (Ge­or­gia) split, Kyle outpd Kerr (Scot­land) Stephen Cairns outpd (Ireland) Ge­orge Marin (Ro­ma­nia) unan, Adam Azim (Eng­land) stpd Paddy Mur­phy (Wales) 2nd, Azim stpd Kerr 3rd, Azim outpd Ferenc Samu (Hun­gary) unan, Azim outpd Gegechkori unan. 63: Dmitriy Zakharov (Rus­sia) outpd Tay­lor Guiney (Ireland) split, Elmir Novru­zov (Azer­bai­jan) outpd Jay De­laney (Scot­land) unan, Ge­orge Bance (Eng­land) outpd Alexan­dru Viorel Badea (Ro­ma­nia) split, Lado Lo­maya (Ge­or­gia) outpd Jay­den Tor­rance (Wales) unan, Bance outpd Novru­zov unan, Bance outpd Gi­a­como Micheli (Italy) unan, Bance outpd Dmitriy Zakharov (Rus­sia) unan, Emirdzhan Mehmed (Bul­garia) outpd Bance split. 66: Igor Kuznetsov (Rus­sia) outpd Pa­trick 70: Mul­lane Eoghan Lavin (Wales) (Ireland) split. stpd Re­nato Kozak (Hun­gary) 3rd, Alek­sandr Trofim­ciuk (Lithua­nia) outpd Lavin split. 75: Ja­son My­ers (Ireland) outpd An­gelo Sparaco (Italy) unan, Tommy Dixon (Eng­land) stpd Hrant Torosyan (Ar­me­nia) 1st, Giorgi Gut­saev (Ge­or­gia) outpd My­ers unan, Ra­mazan Da­dayev (Rus­sia) outpd Dixon unan. 80: Pa­trick My­ers (Ireland) stpd Ma­tus Kus­niarik (Czech Repub­lic) 1st, My­ers outpd Borna Lon­caric (Croa­tia) unan, Mu­rad Al­lakhverdiyev (Azer­bai­jan) outpd My­ers unan. 80&: Timur Av­doyan (Rus­sia) outpd Wil­liam Howe (Eng­land) split. Fe­male: 46: Alex Brown (Eng­land) outpd Anas­ta­sia Kiriyenko (Rus­sia) split, Brown outpd Erika Priscian­daro (Italy) unan, Brown outpd Gamze Soguksu (Turkey) unan. 48: Va­le­ria Linkova (Rus­sia) outpd Chloe Gabrielle (Ireland) split, Me­gan Bain­bridge (Eng­land) stpd Irina Vino­gradova (Be­larus) 2nd, Bain­bridge outpd Gayane Ter-barseghyan (Ar­me­nia) unan, Va­le­ria Linkova (Rus­sia) outpd Bain­bridge unan. 50: Lu­cia Elen Ayari (Italy) outpd Rachael Law­less (Ireland) split, Vik­toriia Silke (Latvia) outpd Holly Hef­fron (Eng­land) unan. 52: Court­ney Scott (Eng­land) outpd An­to­nia Gian­nakopoulou (Greece) unan, Ni­amh Fay (Ireland) outpd Nikolina Boke (Latvia) split, Scott outpd Fay split, Scott outpd Karolina Am­pul­ska (Poland) unan, Scott outpd Diana Er­makova (Rus­sia) unan. 54: Sameenah Tous­saint (Eng­land) outpd Maria Van­cometti (Italy) unan, El­lie Mai Gart­land (Ireland) outpd Eva Po­ru­mova (Bul­garia) unan, Gart­land outpd Tous­saint unan, Gart­land outpd Alexan­dra Ghe­o­rghe (Ro­ma­nia) unan. 57: Sacha Hickey (Eng­land) outpd Zeynab Rakhi­mova (Azer­bai­jan) unan, Lau­ren Dempsey (Ireland) outpd Jose­fien Betist (Nether­lands) unan, Hickey outpd Vik­to­ria Sawatzki (Ger­many) unan, Dempsey outpd Michaela Tu­ra­cova (Slo­vakia) unan, Aza­lia Aminy­ova (Rus­sia) outpd Hickey unan, Dempsey outpd Aminy­ova split. 60: Danielle Marshall (Eng­land) outpd Daniela Golino (Italy) unan, Si­nainn Glynn (Ireland) outpd Alna Kan­temirova (Rus­sia) split, Glynn outpd Marshall unan, Ilona Sarembo (Ger­many) outpd Glynn unan. 63: Leanne Mur­phy (Ireland) outpd Loredana Marin (Ro­ma­nia) split, Rumeysa Atas (Turkey) outpd Ciara Hod­nett (Eng­land) unan, Mur­phy outpd Fruzsina Bo­tos (Hun­gary) unan, Maria Ber­steneva (Rus­sia) outpd Mur­phy unan. 66: Leah Gallen (Ireland) outpd Finja Bree (Ger­many) unan, Miriam Tom­ma­sone (Italy) outpd Gallen split. 70: Lisa O’rourke (Ireland) outpd An­na­marie Schierle (Ger­many) split, Zofia Sta­chowiak (Poland) outpd O’rourke split. 75: Kait­lyn Doyle (Ireland) outpd Roberta An­drei (Ro­ma­nia) unan, Mar­garita Zuyeva (Rus­sia) stpd Doyle 1st. 80: Emily Asquith (Eng­land) outpd Sena Kosaoglis (Turkey) unan, Petronela Sch­inte (Ro­ma­nia) outpd Bethany Doocey (Ireland) split, Asquith stpd Petronel Sch­inte (Ro­ma­nia) 1st, Asquith outpd Mar­tyna Jancelewicz (Poland) unan. 80&: Oli­wia To­borek (Poland) outpd Kori Goad (Ireland) split.


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