I couldn’t have done any bet­ter, I tried my heart out

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Tyson Fury re­flects on L.A epic

I’M go­ing to go home and spend some qual­ity time with my kids. I’ve been away from home for over two months and they’ve missed me. I’ve got a lit­tle daugh­ter there and she’s prob­a­bly for­got­ten me. She’s only a year old.

I’m just go­ing to en­joy my­self re­ally, en­joy my fam­ily, en­joy my friends and en­joy my time off while I’ve got it be­cause I’m back into train­ing camp soon. Prob­a­bly won’t go on a car­a­van hol­i­day at this time of year but I might take the gypsy wagon out on the roads, the horse and cart.

What­ever hap­pened yes­ter­day is his­tory so I’m just look­ing for­ward to to­day and to­mor­row. We never know how we’re go­ing to feel but I’m happy and ev­ery­thing I trained for, I ex­e­cuted and ev­ery­thing we did, we did. I couldn’t have done any bet­ter, I tried my heart out.

I think the fight made a mas­sive im­pact in Amer­ica. Ev­ery­body in Amer­ica has heard the story of Tyson Fury. They’ve heard about the le­gend but now they’ve seen him. They now know why. It was a treat for the fans and re­fresh­ing to see two un­beaten world cham­pi­ons at each other, go­ing toe-to-toe. Deon­tay Wilder is a great fighter.

As for An­thony Joshua, I’m not here to run any­body down. It is what it is, ev­ery­body has got their own path in life and I wish him all the luck in the world. I hope he does very well and makes plenty of money out of it be­cause, what­ever money we earn, we de­serve 10 times more be­cause ev­ery time you get in that ring and take those punches, you get out as a lesser per­son. You al­ways get out with less than you went in with.

Frank War­ren wanted me to have an­other cou­ple of warm-up fights. I said, ‘No, get me Deon­tay Wilder’. If I can’t be the best, then I don’t want to be any­thing else. I chose Deon­tay Wilder after two fights back, I was al­ways con­fi­dent I could beat him.

Two big boys stepped up and showed ev­ery­thing that they needed to. We put it all on the line, records, ti­tles, 10 years un­beaten as pros, rep­u­ta­tions, pride, hon­our, re­spect and we fought it out like two war­riors. You see the re­spect


we had for each other after the fight. I can’t sit here this morn­ing and say any­thing bad about Wilder.

He’s a hell of a man, and a hell of a cham­pion. He showed the courage of a lion and he kept go­ing all night. Do you know how it feels to not be able to land any punches for nine rounds? He kept com­ing, he kept try­ing and try­ing. How de­mor­al­is­ing must it be to just keep get­ting jabbed with­out any suc­cess you? I have to re­spect a man like that who kept com­ing and al­ways be­lieved he could knock me out. He al­most did it.

I hope the best do fight the best be­cause it is great for the fans and great for box­ing. That is what we are here to do. We are not here to get a 100-0 record. We are here to put en­ter­tain­ing fights on while we are in the era and ac­tive. I wouldn’t like to go through my ca­reer know­ing I didn’t fight the best. In my ca­reer so far, I fought the best of the best. Ev­ery time I’ve come out on top – even this time. I’m sat here with a draw to­day, but ev­ery­body knows the truth and I don’t feel any lesser of a man. I know I won that fight and the world knows it too.

No mat­ter what ev­ery­body else thinks, these ref­er­ees and judges have got a job to do and that is what they’re em­ployed for – to get the right de­ci­sion but they don’t al­ways get it right. They didn’t get it right this time. I could scream and go mad, but I’ve seen this time and time again in box­ing. I’m a box­ing his­to­rian, I’ve seen de­ci­sions go the wrong way. That is just how the cookie crum­bles, un­for­tu­nately.

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