I’m happy to sit back and watch the young lions do the heavy­weight divi­sion proud

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David Haye on the heavy­weights

IHAVEN’T thought about mak­ing a come­back in any way shape or form. I watched Olek­sandr Usyk beat Tony Bellew and Bellew fought bet­ter than he did against me, so I know I can’t mix it with these guys any­more.

I’m at peace with the fact that I couldn’t have done any­more with this body I’ve got, this shell of a body. I did ev­ery­thing this would al­low me to do. It couldn’t have trained any harder. It’s not like I missed a cou­ple of ses­sions here and there, I put ev­ery­thing into it. I put my whole life on hold and did ev­ery­thing I could to give my­self the best chance.

When you fall short, hav­ing given 100 per cent, there’s noth­ing more you can do. That was the end of it. I’m happy know­ing I had noth­ing left to give.

I’m en­joy­ing watch­ing the younger guys com­ing through and do­ing their thing. There was Deon­tay Wilder and Tyson Fury re­cently, and I know these guys are go­ing to get so much bet­ter than what they showed on De­cem­ber 1. I could see mis­takes on both sides and I know both of them are go­ing to keep im­prov­ing. Look at An­thony Joshua against Alexan­der Povetkin too.

None of these guys are the fin­ished ar­ti­cle yet. They have such po­ten­tial to go on to be great, all of them have. The heavy­weight divi­sion is in such a good place be­cause of that. You can put them all in with each other and no­body re­ally knows what will hap­pen.

I’m happy just to watch. I can’t mix with these young lions.

I just watched back the first Dil­lian Whyte-dereck Chisora fight and it gave me a headache just watch­ing it. You see fight­ers with a great chin and they both have that. You can com­pare them to a tree that stands tall, yet you don’t know when one of them is go­ing to have a huge chip taken out of them and they fall. Both fight­ers have taken a lot of pun­ish­ment.

Look at Dil­lian in his last fight against Joseph Parker. He was out on his feet in the last round. Chisora was out for most of the fight against Car­los Takam. Add their first fight to all of that and you won­der how much more they can take.

When the chin goes, it goes. I know what’s it like. I couldn’t take a shot in my last fight like I could a few years prior to that.

But as fight­ers we rel­ish the chal­lenge. I couldn’t wait to get back in there with Bellew. Don’t get me wrong, the fight it­self can be an or­deal, it can be a night­mare, but then the dust set­tles and you want to go again. I’ve spo­ken to women who have been through the pain of child­birth. The pain goes and then they can’t wait to have their next child. The pain of a fight goes. You read the press clip­pings, you look back on the fight on Youtube, and then you want to do it again. The headaches, the pain, it all heals up. So I un­der­stand why Chisora and Whyte are chomp­ing at the bit to get in there and do it again.

Peo­ple might watch and think, ‘Why would you want to do that again?’ But these guys are war­riors, they’re fight­ers and this is what they were made to do.

For Dereck, he knows he has to win con­vinc­ingly. You won’t hear him call­ing out any of the world cham­pi­ons un­til he has done that, un­til he has proved he de­serves it. He wants a knock­out be­cause he knows that it would put his name up there as the most de­serv­ing chal­lenger in the divi­sion. He’s aware of this, and he hasn’t even talked about Christ­mas or New Year, he’s talked only about this fight.



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