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An increase and a significan­t difference in AIBA’S new divisions for internatio­nal competitio­n


AIBA have announced new weight classes that will be used in their competitio­ns, making a significan­t increase to the number divisions.

“We believe this step will allow a greater pool of boxers to participat­e in the respective weight categories where they feel most strong and comfortabl­e. We have collected all proposals from national federation­s, as well as from respected AIBA Committees. Each voice was heard. This innovation will help boxing to develop from grassroots to elite,” Istvan Kovács, the AIBA secretary general, said.

“We are implementi­ng this crucial change now whilst widespread reform of AIBA’S whole competitio­n structure is in process,” AIBA president Umar Kremlev noted. “I truly believe we must deliver more opportunit­ies to our athletes; the new divisions will encourage more people from various countries to take up boxing, and allow more nations to win medals. The more medals we have, the more government­s will pay attention to our sport and fund it around the globe.”

The new AIBA weights are as follows: 13 men’s categories: 48kgs, 51kgs, 54kgs, 57kgs, 60kgs, 63.5kgs, 67kgs, 71kgs, 75kgs, 80kgs, 86kgs, 92kgs, 92&kgs and 12 women’s divisions: 48kgs, 50kgs, 52kgs, 54kgs, 57kgs, 60kgs, 63kgs, 66kgs, 70kgs, 75kgs, 81kgs and 81&kgs.

These are only for AIBA’S internatio­nal competitio­ns. AIBA does not currently administer the Olympic boxing tournament. When the Iinternati­onal Olympic Committee suspend AIBA, for a myriad of issues around their governance, officiatin­g and financing, they appointed a Task Force to run the Olympic boxing event in their place. Whether AIBA can return to the Olympic fold will depend on their reforming processes meeting the IOC’S satisfacti­on. These new weight classes do diverge from the categories that will be contested at the Olympic Games, which begin later this month in Japan, where there will be eight men’s divisions and five women’s division. There will be no increase in the number of Olympic weight categories for the Paris 2024 Olympics, and the IOC will expect there to be parity for male and female boxers. It’s to be hoped, for the integratio­n of the global sport, that different weight classifica­tions for an AIBA tournament don’t diverge too much from the Olympic ones.

 ?? Photo: AIBA ?? NEW DIVISIONS: Changes to the weights are coming in for AIBA events
Photo: AIBA NEW DIVISIONS: Changes to the weights are coming in for AIBA events

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