A world of worry

These are the big­gest con­cerns in Great Bri­tain and the rest of the world


MORE than two-thirds of peo­ple in Great Bri­tain think the coun­try is head­ing down the wrong track, ac­cord­ing to a poll by Ip­sos Mori.

The sur­vey asked re­spon­dents from 28 coun­tries across the world - in­clud­ing Ar­gentina, Ja­pan, Poland, South Africa, and the USA - how they feel about their coun­try’s state of af­fairs.

Wor­ry­ingly, the 67% of Brits who think the coun­try is head­ing down the wrong track is worse than the global aver­age of 56%.

How­ever, we’re by no means the most con­cerned - Brazil saw 86% of its pop­u­la­tion say their coun­try is go­ing down the wrong track.

In com­par­i­son, 91% of peo­ple in China think their coun­try is head­ing in the right di­rec­tion.

Those in Great Bri­tain ex­press most con­cern about health­care (44%) - again higher than the global aver­age of 24%. Only Hun­gary (71%), Poland (56%) and Brazil (45%) show higher lev­els of worry in this area.

Just 2% of peo­ple in Turkey, on the other hand, feel the same. One rea­son for our con­cerns over health­care could be be­cause of the in­creas­ing num­ber of NHS ser­vices be­ing out­sourced to pri­vate com­pa­nies.

Peo­ple may be anx­ious that in the near fu­ture they will not be able to ac­cess free health­care as a re­sult.

Great Bri­tain also ranks highly in its con­cerns about ter­ror­ism.

While the global aver­age sees just 13% of peo­ple wor­ried about ter­ror­ism, that rises to nearly a quar­ter of Brits (24%).

The fre­quency of ter­ror at­tacks in re­cent years, such as the Manch­ester Arena bomb­ing and the Lon­don Bridge stab­bing, has likely con­trib­uted to this fear.

Turkey (47%), Is­rael (42%) and France (35%) ex­pressed the most con­cern for ter­ror­ism, while Ar­gentina, Brazil, South Africa and South Korea were the least wor­ried - all at 1%.

The rise of ex­trem­ism is also a wor­ry­ing peo­ple in our coun­try, with 17% of Brits con­cerned about it com­pared to just 9% of peo­ple glob­ally.

Great Bri­tain is the fourth most-wor­ried coun­try in the world about ex­trem­ism, af­ter Swe­den (27%), Ger­many (19%) and Bel­gium (18%).

On the other hand, Peru (1%) and Mex­ico (2%) are least wor­ried about it.

Across world, unem­ploy­ment (33%), poverty and so­cial in­equal­ity

(33%), crime and vi­o­lence (32%) and fi­nan­cial or po­lit­i­cal cor­rup­tion (32%) cause the most con­cern. Unem­ploy­ment is the big­gest con­cern for Ital­ians (66%), while Great Bri­tain is the joint third-least wor­ried with the USA, at 13%.

Rus­sia is the most wor­ried about poverty and so­cial in­equal­ity (64%), while Peru is most wor­ried about crime and vi­o­lence (67%) as well as fi­nan­cial or po­lit­i­cal cor­rup­tion (62%).

Of all fac­tors in­cluded in the sur­vey, peo­ple in Great Bri­tain ex­press the least amount of con­cern re­gard­ing ac­cess to credit (2%), in­fla­tion (7%) and child­hood obe­sity (also 7%).

Unem­ploy­ment, poverty and so­cial in­equal­ity con­cern a third of the world’s pop­u­la­tion

Al­most half of Brits are con­cerned about health­care

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