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1. When did Queen Vic­to­ria suc­ceed to the throne?

A 1827 B 1847 C 1837 D 1857

2. Which US singer re­leased an al­bum en­ti­tled Blood On The Dance­floor in 1997?

A Puff Daddy

B Dr Dre

C Michael Jack­son D Jon Bon Jovi

3. Which ac­tor played Al Pa­cino’s un­hinged lawyer in crime drama Car­l­ito’s Way?

A Sean Penn B Sean Astin C Val Kilmer D Ed Nor­ton

4. Which dy­nas­tic fam­ily ruled in Bran­den­berg-Prus­sia from 14151918?

A Ho­hen­zollern B Junker C Richt­en­berg D Ro­manov

5. What is the star Sir­ius bet­ter known as?

A The pole-star B Venus

C The wan­der­ing-star D The dog-star

6. Carey Mul­li­gan and Jake Gyl­len­haal play a cou­ple whose mar­riage is fall­ing apart in which new film di­rected by Paul Dano?

A Wild­fire B Wildlife C Wilder­ness D Wild­card

Jake Gyl­len­haal See Ques­tion 6.

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