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IT may light the way for pedes­tri­ans – but it’s also block­ing it. Any­one think­ing of walk­ing down the west side of Al­bion Road in Eas­ton bet­ter look where they are go­ing – be­cause coun­cil con­trac­tors have put a lamp­post slap bang in the mid­dle of the pave­ment.

And any­one fool­ish enough to try push­ing a pram, or at­tempt­ing to go from Chelsea Road to the High Street in Eas­ton had bet­ter cross the road first, be­cause they’ll have to head off the kerb, into the road

❝ We are li­ais­ing with the con­trac­tors on why it’s been placed in the cen­tre of the foot­path and whether it can be ad­justed

Coun­cil spokesman

and then back up the kerb to go around this er­rant lamp­post.

The lamp­post ap­peared a week ago and in­stantly baf­fled the nor­mally-un­flap­pable peo­ple of Eas­ton. They are used to see­ing strange things, from seag­ulls swal­low­ing rats whole, strange graf­fiti and col­lec­tions of fridges be­ing turned into street art to a car that has been aban­doned on the pave­ment for al­most four years.

But the lamp­post has vexed even the good peo­ple of Eas­ton.

It was first bumped into by lo­cal res­i­dent Steve Woods, who po­litely in­quired which per­son thought it would be a good idea, and when it would be moved at least a few inches to­wards the kerb to en­sure free pas­sage to any hap­less pedes­tri­ans.

“Last night I was ad­mir­ing the new LED light­ing,” he said. “In the cold light of day the Bris­tol coun­cil of­fi­cer who signed off this lamp stan­dard sit­ing de­serves the sack for ob­struct­ing the high­way for those in wheel­chairs or with prams/pushchairs.”

Now the lamp­post has be­come the talk of this par­tic­u­lar cor­ner of BS5.

Dru Mar­land tweeted: “If they’d planted that lamp­post in the mid­dle of the road in­stead of the mid­dle of the pave­ment, I’m sure some­thing would’ve been done sharpish.”

Other Twit­ter­ers won­dered aloud whether or not such a thing would have hap­pened in Clifton, or whether it would have been sorted out a bit quicker.

Dial M saw the huge wall that con­tains the em­bank­ment on which the rail­way line and Sta­ple­ton Road sta­tion sits, and won­dered: “If only there had been some kind of tall struc­ture nearby they could have fixed the lamp to in­stead of block­ing the pave­ment.”

A spokesper­son for Bris­tol City Coun­cil said they were rais­ing the is­sue with the con­trac­tors.

“The lamp­post was re­moved at Net­work Rail’s re­quest so they could carry out some main­te­nance. As the col­umn was in poor con­di­tion it was re­placed with a new type.

“We are li­ais­ing with the con­trac­tors on why it’s been placed in the cen­tre of the foot­path and whether it can be ad­justed.”

Pho­to­graph: Michael Lloyd

The lamp­post in Al­bion Road, Eas­ton

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