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We have been warned


A NEW report sets out very clearly that the UK is simply not prepared for the climate crisis challenges ahead.

We were not prepared for the pandemic. We had chronic equipment shortages, despite warnings, and no proper plan or understand­ing.

We are similarly also not prepared for the looming climate crisis. Bristol needs urgently to take steps now to prepare and to mitigate.

Just as we should have prepared better to be ready for a pandemic to strike – without knowing the precise details of what and when in advance, which you can never know – so we should prepare for the climate crisis.

Maybe those XR demonstrat­ors have a point. We need to be better prepared.

The climate crisis cannot be denied any longer. Its effects can already be seen and it is going to get worse.

We need to be creative, organised and imaginativ­e, and we need to take steps now. People who warned about a pandemic coming (yes, there were some!) were derided, ignored and laughed at. But they were right.

Bristol, get ready, because the climate crisis risks making the pandemic look like a tea party.

We have been warned – now it is for the world’s leaders to act and lead.

Fred Smith


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