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QI have a fiddle leaf fig plant. I was really careful with watering it and I misted the leaves as instructed. The leaves went brown and have now all fallen off and my mum has chopped the top of it off on the advice of Dr Google for plants. Is there any hope for it?

Izzy Peel, aged 14

Athe fiddle leaf fig plant is notoriousl­y fussy and even though you were careful with watering and misting, what has happened to yours is not unusual. Once the leaves drop off they don’t grow back – you will only get fresh leaves as the plant grows upwards. it is possible that some regrowth may occur at the point where your mum pruned it but you’ll need to be patient. And because your plant has no leaves at all, i think it will really struggle. so although Mum didn’t do anything wrong, i’d ask her to get you a new fig. keep up the misting, don’t overwater – allow the top couple of inches of soil to dry out before rewatering – and make sure it is in a bright, sunny position.

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