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Watch out for scarlet lily beetle and remove where found – they’re clever bugs and will hop off the stem as you approach so cup one hand below to catch them!

Keep an eye out for slugs and snails tucking into flowers and veg.

Prune lupins before they go to seed and you may get a second smaller flush. Cut back hardy geraniums that have finished flowering to encourage new growth.

Keep roses well watered in warm weather and regularly check pots for watering.

Peat based composts can dry out completely so plants may need a complete dunking in a bucket of water until all the air bubbles are gone from the soil.

Warm weather can lead to an increase in algae and duckweed in your pond so use a small fishing net or twirl it around a cane.

Keep bird baths topped up.

 ??  ?? PESTS: Snails
Fill your bird bath
PESTS: Snails Fill your bird bath

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