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Celebratio­n of mob rule


SO this is Bristol 2021. We have a vandalised statue of a castigated Bristol benefactor meticulous­ly renovated at great expense in order to preserve the graffiti (rubbish) scrawled upon it, including a word which the Post probably wouldn’t be allowed to print, in full view of the public.

All this to celebrate that ‘great’ day when mob rule and lawlessnes­s prevailed in Bristol with much worse to follow.

At least it is in an appropriat­e place in M-Shed; for ‘M’ read Mockery.

I’m not going to waste my time writing to authoritie­s who supported this action to suggest what should happen to the statue but suffice to say that so far I believe it is the only item named after Colston which still retains his name so it could be seen as a symbol of Bristol retaining its’ presence and dignity despite all that has been and still is thrown at our great city.

D Scadding

by email

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