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Two deaths in UK now involving e-scooters


SADLY we have now had the second fatality of a person riding an e-scooter in the UK. This was in Wolverhamp­ton where two teenagers collided with a car.

The previous fatality was in 2019 where TV presenter Emily Hartridge died after her e-scooter hit a lorry in Battersea.

There has also been a fatality in Paris this month where a pedestrian died after collision with an e-scooter.

In addition we have had the many reports in the Post of near misses where serious accidents and possible fatalities have only narrowly been avoided.

An inescapabl­e fact is that these people would still be alive had e-scooters not been introduced and, based on the above history of e-scooters, it is clear that there are likely to be more accidents/fatalities if e-scooters are allowed to continue on our roads.

With this welter of evidence of a potentiall­y dangerous new feature being introduced onto our road system, is any politician or leader prepared to ban e-scooters from our roads, I suspect not.

Marvin Rees has made his support for them very clear in the recent article in the Post.

If e-scooters are allowed in Bristol, does this mean that innocent drivers and pedestrian­s who are involved in collisions with e-scooters could sue the Mayor for lack of duty of care to road users in Bristol?

John Spiller Long Ashton

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