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General Knowledge Quiz


1. What sort of creature is a nyala? A A lion

B An antelope

C A tiger

D An ox

2. Which former silver-mining town in Arizona is famous for the gunfight at the OK Corral in 1881? A Tombstone

B Tucson

C Winslow

D Phoenix

3. During which Crimean War Battle did the Charge of the Light Brigade take place?

A Sevastopol

B Balaclava

C Inkerman

D Alma

4. In which study was Jeremy Bentham widely regarded as an expert in 1748-1832?

A Law

B Philosophy

C Mathematic­s

D Chemistry

5. Who wrote the opera Prince Igor?

A Richard Wagner B Wolfgang Mozart C Alexander Borodin D Ludwig van Beethoven

6. Which star of The Fast Show appeared with Johnny Vegas and Sian Gibson in Gold’s whodunit comedy caper Murder, They Hope?

A Paul Whitehouse

B Charlie Higson

C John Thomson

D Arabella Weir

7. What is the name of the giant American actor who played ‘Jaws’ in two Bond movies?

A Richard Prior

B Richard Burton

C Richard Kiel

D Richard Wallace

8. What was the name of Leslie Neilson’s clumsy cop charcater in the Naked Gun films?

A Frank Drebin

B Ed Hocken

C John McClane

D Axel Foley

9. Which English Restoratio­n dramatist wrote The Man of Mode?

A Sir James Ether

B Sir Randall Mode C Sir William Ether D Sir George Etherege

10. Which poet is buried in a country churchyard in Stoke Poges?

A Thomas Gray

B Sir John Betjemen C Sylvia Plath

D Lord Tennyson

11. Who wrote the novel Fair Stood the Wind for France?

A HE Bates

B Jane Austen C William Thackeray D WH Auden

12. Which organ produces insulin? A Pancreas

B Heart

C Brain

D Kidney

13. Which composer wrote the operettas Orpheus in the Underworld and La Vie Parisienne?

A Wagner

B Offenbach

C Puccini

D Bizet

14. What is the best selling single of all time?

A Bing Crosby’s I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

B Meat Loaf’s Bat out of Hell C Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody D Elton John’s Candle in the Wind ‘97

15. Which saucy play followed Horner in his quest for women?

A A Midsummer Night’s Dream B The Revenger’s Tragedy C Measure for Measure

D The Country Wife

 ??  ?? Sian Gibson See Question 6.
Sian Gibson See Question 6.

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