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How to make your own Pearl the oyster puppet



A cardboard apple display tray (find one at the supermarke­t); a clothes peg; a fake pearl bead; pink felt; googly eyes; paint; pens; tape; glue; scissors


1. To make your oyster’s shell, cut out two circular sections of the apple tray (leaving a small tab on each to allow you to stick the shell together).

2. Glue the two pieces onto a clothes peg, top and bottom (see picture, above right).

3. Leave to dry completely then add some tape if necessary for added strength.

4. Paint your oyster’s shell and add patterns. Glue on some googly eyes.

5. Cut a circle of pink felt to fit inside the lower half of the shell. Glue it in place.

6. Add the bead to the bottom shell and glue in place. Fake pearl beads can be found in

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