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‘Going green has brought us closer together’



More than a quarter a greener lifestyle, after the be more sustainabl­e at home. a quarter of UK couples said they of people say that pandemic prompted people For example, its recent should be more eco-conscious. trying to live an to change how they live. This Smarter Living Challenge, a And 68 per cent said they eco-friendly lifestyle is enthusiast­ically partnershi­p with wished they used less energy, has brought them closer together supported by environmen­tal with many taking steps to as a couple, a new survey reveals. BT, a climate charity Hubbub, do just that: 47 per cent of

And over half of UK couples change leader showed households have a smart say they encourage each other to that switched families who tech appliance in their home be more sustainabl­e at home. It’s to 100 per took part in the – which reduces their carbon the good news everybody needs cent renewable project how footprint and saves money on right now, after a challengin­g electricit­y they can reduce energy bills. The most popular year together: taking small but worldwide in 2020, their carbon choice was a smart energy important steps to save the and has pledged to emissions meter, with 64 per cent of planet can also lead to a happier, become a net zero by using tech couples using one. more harmonious home life. carbon emissions to support While climate change and

The research, which was business by 2045. simple carbon pollution continue, commission­ed by BT, also reveals With a customer sustainabl­e floods, fires, droughts and the resolution­s that UK couples base of 30 million lifestyle crop failures will become more would make to be more green households, BT is changes. These frequent and severe. So join (see right). They include buying well placed to help included having BT and millions of people in the an electric car, recycling more people cut their smart plugs and UK and around the world who and only having the heating on carbon footprint. It’s committed smart thermostat­s. are taking simple steps at home when it’s needed. Such pledges to providing them with energysavi­ng In BT’s survey of 2,000 adults to reduce our carbon footprint are part of a move towards tips and digital skills to who live with their partner, over and protect the planet.

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Almost half of us have smart appliances – which reduce our carbon footprint and save money

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