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Ex-racing greyhound Dave came to the rescue of a spaniel in need after she became seriously unwell.

Carmen, a spaniel cross, was rushed to a veterinary hospital where it was discovered her immune system had started to attack her own red blood cells, a condition called Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia.

Thankfully, a vital blood donation from greyhound Dave meant her red blood cell count was given a boost, allowing the medication­s to suppress her immune system and stabilise her blood cell count.

Dave’s owner Claire Harris

said: “Dave is a fantastic companion. He’s an ambassador for the Retired Greyhounds South Lakes and loves people. I am a veterinary nurse so he helps out with nursing practicals at my work as well as pet first aid courses.

“He is on donation number eight with Pet Blood Bank but has donated twice at work when we have had a patient in need of a transfusio­n as well.”

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