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490BC: The Greeks defeated the Persians under Darius at the Battle of Marathon. Philippide­s reputedly ran 150 miles in two days to ask the Spartans to assist the Greek army.

1321: Italian poet Dante Alighieri died in Ravenna.

1759: The British under General Wolfe won the Battle of Quebec – but Wolfe was shot and died in the fighting.

1788: New York became federal capital of the new United States of America.

1915: The process for making breakfast cereal flakes was patented by Frank Martin, as previously the combinatio­n of corn, oats and grain had proved indigestib­le for the public.

1944: William Heath Robinson, the English artist known for his drawings of complex machinery which performed simple tasks, died.

1957: The Mousetrap, Agatha Christie’s murder-mystery, became Britain’s longest running play, reaching its 1,998th performanc­e.

1958: Cliff Richard made his British TV debut on Jack Good’s Oh Boy show, performing Move It. Before he was allowed to appear on the show, Cliff was ordered to remove his sideburns.

1985: The World Health Organisati­on declared Aids a worldwide epidemic.

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