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Charity shop thief banned


A BRAZEN thief attempted to steal stock from outside a Weston-superMare charity shop – in broad daylight.

The Weston Hospicecar­e shop on Devonshire Road said they were targeted on Friday.

The furniture for sale was displayed just outside the shop, still within the charity’s unit.

The items had Weston Hospicecar­e labels on and were clearly for sale, the shop says.

The shop manager confronted the individual before he could make off with the goods.

The offender was known to the store having been caught stealing from the charity previously and has now been banned from all Weston Hospicecar­e stores.

Money raised from the charity’s shops goes directly to provide care and support patients with a lifelimiti­ng condition.

Director of Retail, Emma Kings, said: “It’s sickening when charity shops, especially in this case a hospice charity shop, are targeted because it’s not just the organisati­on being effected, it impacts people who need crucial support.”

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