- Natasha Foges, Editor

is issue, we’re indulging in the best wintry pursuits that Britain has to o er: cosy up in a vintage train, enjoying the country’s most scenic landscapes from the comfort of your carriage (Romance on the rails, p32); tour the castles of County Durham, at their most impressive­ly forbidding in the winter months (Land of the Prince Bishops, p14); and explore the ancient streets of London, where the ghosts of ages past still lurk in the shadows (Historic haunts, p56).

History bu s are in for a treat too. In the rst of a two-part series we delve into Elizabeth I’s eventful childhood and the precocious political games she learned from an early age ( e making of a Queen, p25). We also tell the little-known tale of Britain’s last invasion – centuries after 1066 ( e last invasion, p43). And we amble along the Shambles in medieval York (p77) and discover the city’s many-layered history. You can even win a stay in Leicester, site of the astonishin­g discovery of the remains of Richard III (Competitio­n, p76). Enjoy the issue!

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