Derry-Londonderr­y to Coleraine, Northern Ireland


This 40-minute journey through one of the most picturesqu­e parts of Northern Ireland begins in Derry Londonderr­y, the completely walled city that is also a cultural hub. The train follows the River Foyle out of the city and into a wonderfull­y rich green landscape.

Before long, the track begins to hug the northern coastline, offering up dramatic views of the Atlantic Ocean as it crashes onto gorgeous sandy beaches.

After passing through the seaside town of Castlerock, you’ll enter the tunnels of Castlerock and Downhill, which were specially blasted for the railway line and are the longest railway tunnels in Ireland.

As you enter Coleraine, the main town on the Causeway Coast, there is plenty to see. The town lies on the pretty banks of the River Bann and you’ll have an excellent view as the train follows the river’s progressio­n before your journey’s end.

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