Inverness to Thurso, Scottish Highlands


This journey offers views of Britain’s least populous region as you travel to the northernmo­st point of mainland Scotland, discoverin­g all its visual treasures. Your entire journey lasts just under four hours, and there’s never a dull moment.

The line is single-track in many places, adding to the remoteness and isolation of the journey, and traces the eastern coastline so that it feels as though the train is running along the beach. The train crosses the ‘flow country’ of Caithness, and the virtually uninhabite­d landscape has a rare, bleak beauty.

At the tiny station of Georgemas Junction the line splits into two branches – one to Wick and the other to Thurso. This last stretch to Thurso is particular­ly special, as passengers prepare to alight at the northernmo­st railway station in Britain and take in all that this little Highland town, overlookin­g the Orkneys, has to offer.

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