Oxford to Hereford, Southern England


The collegiate city of Oxford is one of the most beautiful in Britain and a lovely start to any journey. The route from Oxford west to Hereford on the Cotswold Line is equally attractive as it cuts through the heart of this pictureper­fect area of southern England, dotted with golden-hued villages.

The train passes through the Campden Tunnel beneath the

Cotswold escarpment, measuring over 800 metres in length. This is the same tunnel that caused a riot among the navvies who were building it, known as the Battle of Campden Tunnel, in 1851.

Later, the line crosses one of the country’s most famous Roman roads, the Fosse Way, and creeps past the Malvern Hills, giving spectacula­r views of this miniature mountain range. As you enter Hereford, look out for the cathedral, which has a rich history dating back to 1079.

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