On a snowy day in Canada I have very much enjoyed being taken back to many visits to the UK as I read the latest issue [Vol 90 Issue 1]. In particular, ‘Top 10 York’ struck many chords for me as I have visited this lovely city and area numerous times over the years with various friends and family. I was delighted to count that I have taken in eight of your top ten places to visit and look forward to being able to add the National Railway Museum and the Merchant Adventurer’s Hall on my next visit.

From exploring the streets and shops in the Shambles to arriving in time for Evensong in the Minster, taking in all the sights by walking along the walls, learning about the Vikings at the Yorvik Centre, exploring Castle Howard and all things Brideshead, touring Fairfax House and exploring the Castle Museum and its history of chocolate, I have many fond memories of my time spent in York.

I can still smell the aroma of chocolate from a cruise on the river and I went on my

rst ever ghost tour starting at a pub by the river. However, the memories that stand out the most are the visits to Betty’s. Not only is the food delicious, here and in Harrogate, my mother’s name was Betty so the cafe has a special place in my heart.

Denise Bridge, London, Ontario, Canada

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