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We’re all still children at heart, aren’t we? This month, when appraising Hornby’s new Playtrains set, we recruited Thomas (aged 3) and Erin (aged 7) to help with the filming of the review and found ourselves having almost as much fun as they did. Seeing things through their eyes got us thinking about how seriously we can take this hobby at times, and how the magic of introducin­g children to a layout can really make modelling a lot of fun. A great example of this is Carol Flavin’s ‘Edge Hey & Strines Railway’, which was built entirely for her grandchild­ren. This exciting layout comes jam-packed with features, and in this issue, we take a closer look at one of the most eye-catching features, the harbour, and learn about how it was constructe­d.

We’d like to take this opportunit­y to say thank you to Thomas and Erin for taking part in this issue, plus thank their parents for letting us borrow their children for the afternoon. Subscriber­s to the digital magazine will be able to watch both videos of how they got on.

As well as being a whole lot of fun, reviewing the Playtrains set was also a timely reminder that Christmas is no longer that far away. If you believe all the headlines on stock shortages, we all need to get our thinking caps on for ideas on what to get the children and grandchild­ren. The clock is ticking (apparently), could Hornby have launched this playful, good-quality set at the opportune moment?

Serving as another reminder that the festive season is not too far away is our November issue of BRM, the penultimat­e issue of the 2021 year. However, although the supermarke­ts are already stocking chocolate tins and gift ideas, BRM is still enjoying something of an Indian summer, with all three of this month’s layouts set during sunnier days.

Our lead layout, ‘Davidson Parkway’, showcases some excellent trackwork, too, with a quad track continuous loop and impressive station terminus among the standout features.

The sleepy ‘Catsfield’, also in OO, is our second layout and its builder drew on a combinatio­n of nostalgia, prototype photograph­s and layout inspiratio­n during its creation. Scenically beautiful and reminiscen­t of the BR Southern Region, Catsfield also showcases how much modellers can buy offthe-shelf to create prototype scenarios.

Last but certainly not least is ‘Melcombe Magna’ in O gauge, another fictional location, but based on the picturesqu­e area surroundin­g the hills to the north east of Dorchester.

BRM November also comes packed with step-by-step guides and advice features.

First up is our scenic feature of the month, Modelling Overgrowth, where Michael Russell reveals useful low-cost modelling techniques for adding weeds to your model scenery. Also inside this issue, Phil Parker builds a narrow gauge engine shed and Howard Smith constructs a complex etched brass kit to upgrade older 16T mineral wagons.

On the hunt for your next layout project? Andy York may have the solution as he explores the layout potential of Barnstaple Town, an ideal choice for those torn between narrow and standard gauge layouts.

And if that isn’t enough, we’ve also been inundated with review samples at BRM HQ this month. Inside, six new models go under the microscope, plus a detailed history of the FWA Ecofrets and Hunslet is also included.

A jam-packed issue, I think you’ll agree? And if there’s anything you would like to see us build, cover or review in the future pages of BRM, please do get in touch!

Happy modelling!

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