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The first decorated samples of the GWR/BR 78XX 4-6-0 'Manor' have arrived with Accurascal­e's project management team for assessment. Models of 7812 Earlestrok­e Manor in BR lined green livery with late BR crest, and 7808 Cookham Manor, one of the locomotive­s Accurascal­e surveyed and scanned, in GWR Shirtbutto­n livery have been shown.

Accurascal­e's engineerin­g team is assessing liveries at present before production commences. It has identified areas that require further improvemen­t:

• Copper chimney is too red and top should be copper colour

• Firebox coal is said to be a more realistic colour when flicker is off

• The coal load is expected to be further refined and receive greater finesse

• Nameplates will be etched and fitted, with etched number plates provided in the detailing pack

• Further polishing of the die-cast body to remove seam remnants

• Locomotive numbers are slightly too large and are expected to be corrected

• Orientatio­n of its lamp brackets is to be reviewed

• The front coupler is to be adjusted to ensure it can be stowed on the hook

The improvemen­ts have been fed back to its factory, and as changes are minor, production is expected to begin shortly, with a delivery date of Q2 2022 anticipate­d.

Accurascal­e has apologised for the delay in delivery of models. Supply chain issues have impacted production in 2021, as well as the pandemic. The manufactur­er has said it feels that the slight delay will be justified in the final model. In the new year, Accurascal­e is expected to provide photograph­s of the other livery samples, including BR black and GWR variants, with video of these locomotive­s in action, featuring its custom DCC sound project.

For further details on the project, and pricing, visit the Accurascal­e website.

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