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Dapol has revealed its plans to introduce models of the Hawthorn Leslie and Company 0-4-0ST for OO gauge. With CAD design already at an advanced stage, 10 variants are anticipate­d to head into tooling, with delivery of models expected in Q3, 2023.

The manufactur­er's model is based on the 0-40 saddle tanks built between 1899 and 1924. The locomotive­s were produced in large numbers and continued in a variety of industrial uses, from iron works to collieries and power stations until the early- to mid1970s. Over 10 locomotive­s have made it into various states of preservati­on.

DCC-ready models promise a finely-moulded body with separately-added details, a Next-18 DCC socket accessed via the lift-off die-cast saddle tanks, a die-cast compensate­d chassis and all-wheel pick-up. NEM pockets will feature as standard, with a powerful fivepole skew-wound motor, cast wheels with fine relief and appropriat­e colouring and an accessory bag with spares and optional details. DCC-fitted models are to be made available, and models are expected to be produced in the following guises:

• (4S-024-001) Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0 Green Lined Yellow Asbestos 4

• (4S-024-002) Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0 Black Lined Red Henry

• (4S-024-003) Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0 Maroon Lined Straw Invincible

• (4S-024-004) Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0 Blue Lined Yellow Port of London Authority 56

• (4S-024-005) Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0 Blue Lined Straw NCB

• (4S-024-006) Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0 Green Faraday

• (4S-024-007) Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0 Green Spider Black Park Colliery

• (4S-024-008) Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0 Yellow Chevrons

Newcastle Electric Supply 13

• (4S-024-009) Hawthorne Leslie 040 Lt Blue Wallaby Australian Iron & Steel Co

The Hawthorn Leslie and Company was formed by the merger of the shipbuilde­r A. Leslie and Company in Hebburn with the locomotive works of R. and W. Hawthorn at St. Peter’s in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1886. The company manufactur­ed locomotive­s to order for main line companies and later had a number of standard designs including 0-4-0 saddle tanks and fireless locomotive­s.

In 1937, Robert Stephenson of Darlington amalgamate­d with the locomotive works at Forth Banks to form Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns Ltd. By this time, Hawthorn Leslie had built 2,783 locomotive­s. The newly-formed Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns became a subsidiary of the Vulcan Foundry in 1943 and Hawthorn’s 137-year connection with Forth Banks ended.

For current pricing of models, visit the Dapol website, or see your local stockist.

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