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Accurascal­e has announced four additional Brush

Type 2 locomotive­s to its launch range, with the new stablemate­s featuring London Undergroun­d trip-cock gear and other detail difference­s never before seen on a model of these charismati­c locomotive­s. Unveiled at the London Festival of Railway Modelling, the manufactur­er was displaying pre-production samples on its stand for the public to scrutinise. Delivery of models is expected in Q2, 2023, as part of its initial batch of these models.

For peak-hour Monday-Friday suburban services from Moorgate on the City Widened Lines to Welwyn Garden City and Hertford North, 61 Hornsey, later Finsbury

Park and Hitchin, Brush Type 2s were delivered with London Undergroun­d trip cock gear. D5586-5615/227/39-54/71-9 were so-fitted, the major spotting feature being the operating lever on the side of the bufferbeam cowling on the secondman's side. Six of these, D5671-6, were fitted with Whitaker-style tablet catchers in the early 1960s for use on Highdyke iron ore branch in Lincolnshi­re and retained their recesses well into the 1980s, long after the equipment had been removed.

A further eight of the trip-cock locomotive­s were uprated with ETH equipment between 1971-5 for ECS workings out of King's Cross and other London terminals, becoming 31401/2/3-5/7/8/20. Four new locomotive­s featuring these detail difference­s, never before offered on a RTR model will now join the first run of the Accurascal­e Class 31 line up, across four new running numbers and liveries.

D5615 brings great news to many modellers who were surprised by the lack of a BR green, small yellow panel Brush 2 in the initial range. It will appear in BR green, small yellow panel with trip-cock gear and has the Mirrlees 'production' style of exhaust which has also never been done before on a 4mm:1ft model of the Brush Type 2 to the latest standards. This will be one of two locomotive­s in green, with 5674, in BR green with full yellow panel, BR logo, trip-cock gear and tablet catcher recess also joining the fleet.

For BR blue era fans, two additional Class 31s in this guise join the range, including another long-awaited Class 31/4. 31402 will come complete with trip-cock gear and an additional roof panel from its time earlier in life when it was uprated to 1,600hp in an Accurascal­e Class 31 first.

As well as Accurascal­e’s standard traction, light and sound package, its Class 31 features working radiator fans – driven from a separate motor – and separately switched tail lights, allowing not just either end to be illuminate­d as required, but also individual tail lights or both, depending on era. Utilising Accurascal­e’s standard specificat­ion of ESU PowerBank capacitors for smooth uninterrup­ted running, an ESU Loksound 5 decoder with bespoke DCC sound package and twin speaker set up, including ‘AccuraThra­sh’ bass reflex speaker, it promises to catch the characterf­ul thrash of the real locomotive­s. It will also include a wheel flange sensor, automatica­lly playing flange squeal on sound-fitted locomotive­s as they hit curved track for extra realism on factory-fitted DCC sound models.

DC and DCC sound options are available on all locomotive­s except D5615. As per D5549, this locomotive requires sound recording of a Mirrlees power unit, which Accurascal­e is currently searching to record. If an operationa­l power unit can be recorded, DCC sound-fitted options of these locomotive­s will be made available.

For further informatio­n, pricing and availabili­ty of models, visit the Accurascal­e website, or see your local stockist.

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