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Dapol is to release new batches of its popular LSWR B4 0-4-0Ts and Class 73 for OO gauge. Announced at the London Festival of Railway Modelling in March, seven new variants of its B4 are proposed in the following guises:

• (4S-018-005) B4 0-4-0T BR Late Crest 30096

• (4S-018-012) B4 0-4-0T Lined Dark Green Jersey 91

• (4S-018-013) B4 0-4-0T LSWR Dark Green 82

• (4S-018-014) B4 0-4-0T Trouville Brown 89

• (4S-018-015) B4 0-4-0T Southern Black lined 99

• (4S-018-016) B4 0-4-0T Black Corrall Queen 30096

• (4S-018-017) B4 0-4-0T Dorset Green 99

Models of the 0-4-0T locomotive­s are expected to arrive in Q3, 2023, while artwork is still in developmen­t. Models will feature a finely moulded body with many separately-added details, a six-pin decoder socket, NEM pockets as standard and a powerful five-pole skew-wound motor. DCC fitted models are to be made available, while a die-cast compensate­d chassis and all-wheel pick-up will aid tractive effort.

Also announced are seven new liveries, applied to its Class 73 electro-diesel tooling, due to arrive in Q4, 2022:

• (4D-006-015) Class 73 electric blue E6012 small yellow panel

• (4D-006-016) Class 73 early blue small yellow panel and double arrow logo E6031

• (4D-006-017) Class 73 BR blue full yellow panel 73002

• (4D-006-018) Class 73 BR blue full yellow panel 73120

• (4D-006-019) Class 73 large logo BR blue 73126

• (4D-006-020) Class 73 Intercity executive 73136

• (4D-006-021) Class 73 GB Railfreigh­t Battle of Britain 73109

Meanwhile, for N gauge, its Class 68 tooling is to gain five new liveries as follows:

• (2D-022-012) Class 68 Fearless 68016 DRS Compass

• (2D-022-013) Class 68 Vigilant 68018 DRS Compass

• (2D-022-014) Class 68 Splendid 68027 Transpenni­ne Express

• (2D-022-015) Class 68 Felix 68031 Transpenni­ne Express

• (2D-022-016) Class 68 Pride of the North 68006 New DRS/NTS Green

Dapol's Class 68 was its first ‘Next Generation’ diesel model, with an entirely re-designed chassis and electronic­s. Models reproduce the detail and functional­ity of its OO gauge model (other than Halo-lights) and incorporat­e its new iron-cored five-pole motor. Models are due to arrive in Q2, 2023.

For further details, and current pricing, visit the Dapol website, or see your local stockist.

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