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Model railway accessory stockist, Train Trax is to stock Ntrak's T-Trak range of model railway baseboard modules. Ideally suited to modular layouts and already in use by members of the N Gauge Society, the bulk import of modules is expected to introduce the range to a larger number of modellers.

T-Trak modules come in fixed lengths, known as 'singles', 'doubles' and 'triples'. Modules sit on top of a table, and each one has adjustable feet allowing for variation in table heights to be accounted for.

The wooden modules are designed for use with Kato's N gauge UniTrak, with a distance between double tracks of 33mm, allowing larger locomotive­s to pass around curves without hitting. The manufactur­er of T-Trak, Yorkshire-based Ntrak, states that everyone from novices to experience­d users can easily enjoy making dioramas. Modules are said to be easily and reliably connected to make a complete tabletop layout more accessible to those who aren't skilled at carpentry.

Modules boast track feeder cable holes, while their heights can be adjusted from 70mm to 100mm using the supplied height adjustment kit. Without the height adjustment kit, modules can connect elevated UniTrak with the height of Kato's No. 5 Pier.

Ian Miller of Train Trax said, "Earlier this year the Yorkshire Area Group of the N Gauge Society adopted T-Trak as a standard for a new layout and it has been very well received. [Following interest] from various individual­s and groups who would like to have a go, I decided to join the group halfway through this process, and I have now agreed to handle the ordering and distributi­on of the 'YAG' T-Trak kits via the Train Trax website, which I took over in January. They obviously fit in well with the rest of the Kato range!"

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